Blocked Drains
Blocked drains are a common issue many people encounter, whether it’s your family home,
investment property or business.

There are several potential reasons why a blockage can occur, foreign objects such as sanitary items, food products, oils and hair.

From what may start out as a small issue can quickly lead to significant damage. When the issue isunresolved there can be a series of consequences, they include potential foundation issues, increased repair costs, further works and more importantly the personal inconvenience.

Often people think a simple plunge will resolve the issue, however in most cases there is a bigger underlying problem. The first step is identifying the severity of the issue to ensure the customer understands what is required and the potential costs involved.

Have one of our highly trained staff come to your place and provide you with a camera inspection to identify any problems and explain possible solutions.

Clearing the blockage

Often our highly trained tradesmen can resolve a common blocked toilet, basin or shower with drain rods to shift the blockage. More complicated blockages may involve our state of the art high pressure jetting system that operates at 5000KPA, which can cut through tree roots and other debris.

Avoid Recurrence

Once the blockage is cleared we can then proceed to use closed circuit television (CCTV) camera footage to identify the cause of the blockage. With our highly advanced locating equipment we can also pin point the exact spot above ground of the blockage, including the depth and direction of flow. This ensures if required, that only a specific area is to be excavated. As standard we offer a copy of the footage on DVD as well as full report at no additional cost.

Preventative Maintenance plan

On completion of the job our tradesmen will provide a detailed explanation of the underlying problem and can schedule serviced maintenance at a reduced cost for the future. As part of a scheduled maintenance plan you will be entitled to discounts and free of charge advice at any stage. A scheduled maintenance plan can involve visits monthly quarterly or as required. *Discounts do apply*

Permanent solution

Sometimes the only solution is repairing or replacing the damaged line. Using an up to date Sydney water sewer service diagram and our advanced locating tools, we mark out the sewer line and come up with the most cost effective and practical solution.

Often sewer lines can run underneath a concrete slab, garden or driveway and digging this up can be expensive and inconvenient to customers. We have established methods that aid in avoiding high cost exercises these include, relining.

With our latest technology we are able to use a two-part epoxy, which is pulled through the pipe and expanded to leave a hard fibreglass shell, which can’t be penetrated by roots. Although only relatively new to Australia, Relining has been tried and tested overseas for over 25 years and has a life expectancy of over 50 years.

Have one of our highly trained staff come to your place and provide you with a camera inspection to identify any problems before they occur.