Hot Water

Hot water is something that we all take for granted and when its gone it can cause overwhelming concern. Rest assured when you call Proximity Plumbing we get your hot water back on in no time! We also offer from the moment you call our friendly expert advice and solutions.If the issue is more complicated such as insufficient hot water, low water pressure or a leak our highly skilled tradesmen will respond to your request and identify the cause of the issue. Our aim is to ensure minimal downtime and the most cost effective solution to get hot water again.

Hot water heaters unfortunately don’t last forever, often due to substandard installation, high water pressure and sediment build up. If this is the case often the only solution is replacement and our highly skilled tradesmen are fully informed with the latest brands and models available.

Often the heater you are currently using is out-dated and costing you more than it should. Instead of replacing what’s there, we inform you on the different options to suite your new hot water consumption needs. This can include converting from electric to gas heating or from storage tank to continuous flow.

Customers now have a vast variety of heating options to suite there particular needs and budget. Heaters like the Rinnai INFINITY continuous flow hot water system, which never runs out of hot water, are increasingly popular due to their cost effectiveness over the old storage hot water systems.

Choosing between solar, gas and electric can sometimes be overwhelming but rest assured we can help determine the most efficient and cost effective solution. We can supply and install the following amongst others.


From the following brands

Preventative maintenance plan

A preventative maintenance plan or regular check-ups eliminates the worries of being caught unexpectedly with no hot water. It increased longevity of your hot water system and can potentially reduce ongoing heating bills associated with defective parts. You can email or call anytime and we are only too happy to assist.