Kitchen & Bathroom
Kitchen and bathrooms are two areas that require the most maintenance or consideration when renovating or building.

With maintenance we understand the inconvenience when something you may rely on day to day stops working or isn’t preforming, as it should. We offer maintenance plans to suite every budget so you can relax knowing nothing will go wrong.

We’ve included budget bathroom renovation packages allowing clients to achieve their desired look at a price that suits them best. Solutions can include the replacement of existing fittings and tapeware, complete waterproofing or epoxy grout and tiling services. This is ideal for home or business owners looking for an option that is quick and cost effective whilst maintaining a fresh and updated look.

If you’re renovating either bathroom or kitchen we offer a wide range of solutions to suite every budget. Customers can take their pick from a number of choices that allow them to cater for their needs and ensure the overall end-result is achieved.