Leaking Taps
Leaking taps can be one of those annoyances that you have had and are always meaning to fix but don’t want to spend a fortune resolving.

With years of experience we have seen how a simple leak that starts as a drip turn into torrent of water without warning. Unfortunately once a leak has started it will only get worse over time and is recommended to be resolved while it remains a simple and cheap fix.

Our tradesmen specialise in diagnosing weather your taps can be salvaged and only a simple service is required or if the problem may be greater and its advisable for them to be replaced. If replacement is the best solution our trucks come fully stocked with a wide variety of residential and commercial tapware for kitchen, bathroom and laundry services that will cater for even the most studious buyer.

Leaving leaking taps untreated can also be costing you with thousands of litres of water being wasted every month. Call us today to get the headache and annoyance resolved before it turns in a real nightmare and you require our 24/7 assistance.