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Our Coronavirus Policy

As a business, Proximity Plumbing is aware that you may have some concerns about the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus and how it may impact your business and day to day operations.

We would like to take the opportunity to reassure all of our customers and clients that as a business, Proximity Plumbing is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all those in the workplace, We are actively taking steps to minimise any potential impact of coronavirus on our employees, clients and operations.

Our duty of care is to minimise any potential impact on our staff and clients, the following steps are now mandatory for Proximity Plumbing employees:

  • The application of hand sanitiser before, during and after each job
  • Using gloves whilst carrying out any repair or clearing a blockage
  • Washing hands before and after every job
  • Attending the office before and after work to test for a fever

This is a frightening time for everyone although where we can we will always try and make light of a dull situation, the team at Proximity plumbing would like for you to joining us in the ‘’Handshake Shake Up’’, we will be greeting all fellow staff and clients with a ‘Shaka’s’ or simply ‘Air High 5’ to minimise contact and stop potential impact. 

We have mandatory systems in place to protect you, your family & our staff. Proximity Plumbing recently completed COVID-19 Infection Control Training by the Australian Government Department of Health which covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19.