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Eastern Suburbs Beaches At Risk Of Contaminated Water From Outdated Sewage System. Know What Is In Sydney’s Water. If You Have A Blockage, Call A Licensed Plumber.


Sydney’s Most Iconic Eastern Suburb Beaches: Bondi, Bronte and Red Leaf Shut Down Due To Health Risk. Throughout Holiday Period Proximity Plumbing On Call As Leading After Hour Emergency Plumber That Sydneysiders Trusts.

We could all agree how blessed we are feeling today with the gloomy cold weather after three consecutive stunning Spring days above 30 degrees. Although most Sydneysiders were enjoying the sun and surf – our Proximity Plumbing team were on call attending to a wide range of after-hours emergency jobs – mostly consisting of blocked drains which were reported in Bondi, Woollahra, Paddington, and Rose Bay.

Once blocked drain in particular caused by excessive toilet paper use was reported to the team on the early hours of Saturday morning and resulted in crew needing to use high pressure jetting equipment to alleviate the blockage and ensure minimal discharge onto public space. 

Whilst our team was tending to blocked drains, swimmers were being told to ‘get out of the water’ at Bronte and Red Leaf beaches.

This is just as beachgoers flooded Sydney beaches, many reaching capacity – In fact, all Eastern suburbs beach were at risk of closing with the famous Bondi beach being closed off at 1pm.

A Sydney Water spokesman said: “’A wastewater overflow has caused the southern part of Bronte Beach to be closed to swimmers this afternoon. Council lifeguards closed the southern section of the beach where the overflow was discharging into the rock pool. ‘Sydney Water takes its responsibility to protect public health and the environment seriously. Investigations are continuing.”

Waverly Council issued this notice: 

A blocked toilet caused they contamination at the Redleaf Beach (Murray Rose Pool) in Double Bay.

“A blockage in a public toilet wastewater line operated by Woollahra Municipal Council caused a wastewater overflow this morning in Double Bay” a Sydney Water spokesperson said.

This comes after last month, traces of coronavirus being detected in sewage at Bondi and Malabar for two consecutive weeks. Now, NSW Health is closely analysing wastewater from over twenty Sydney suburbs to detect and levels of the virus in the community (this has been happening for months now).

Sydney has some of the oldest and largest sewer systems in Australia and they are in desperate need of an upgrade. In both processing and infrastructure. 

Any professional plumber in the eastern suburbs will tell you that! 

The unfortunate truth is that the rest of the world’s developed nations including the European Union, require at least secondary treatment for all sewage (and have done for the nearly 25 years) while New Zealand, Singapore and Japan all required a similar standard.  

Australia does not. Sydney’s sewage is treated only once before being pumped straight into the ocean, about 2 – 4 km off the beach. 

More than 4,000 megalitres of sewage is pumped off Bondi and Manly each day! About 80 per cent of Sydney’s sewage is pumped out into the ocean off Bondi, Malabar and North Head, near Manly, according to Sydney Water reports. The sewage is pumped out by multiple deep-water diffusers between 65m and 80m deep, that spread it over 500m to 750m.

Want to know what’s in Sydney’s water?

What Can You Do?

  1. A leading Proximity Plumbing tradesmen Josh stated: “It’s important for all people to appreciate that your toilets are not a garbage bin and only flush the 3 Ps – poo, pee, and paper (toilet). Otherwise, you could see a sewer overflow in your home, or a blockage known as a ‘fatberg’ in our sewer system”.
  2. Be mindful about where you swim! 
  3. Check the Sydney Water pages and your local council pages for updates. 
  4. If you do have a blockage in your home, call a licensed plumber ASAP so it doesn’t become a bigger issue and affect the community.

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