The property owner is responsible for any blockages or problems in the plumbing systems from the sewer connection point up to and including drains and pipes in, under, and around your home. The local council or wastewater authority is responsible for the water meter, pipes, and drains leading away from the property. They take care of unclogging the main sewer line if problems arise. They also cover the stormwater network from your property boundary.

The Blockage Is Likely To Be In Sydney Water’s Pipes If:

  • The overflow is visible beyond your property boundary, e.g. From a manhole located on public land
  • Your neighbours are experiencing the same problem
  • There is widespread flooding in your local area
  • You’re experiencing a continuous overflow and you’re not currently using water on your property.

To find out more about blocked drains and who is responsible you can visit the blocked drains page here. 

Blocked drains are a common issue many people encounter, whether your family home, investment property or business premises. Unfortunately, what may start as a small problem can quickly lead to something more significant if left unattended.

It’s essential to address the issue whilst it’s potentially minor to prevent inconvenience and increased costs. Thanks to our highly skilled team, we can address the issue promptly and provide detailed options to best tackle the problem. Doing this will void further Sydney blocked drain emergencies.

We suggest engaging a Sydney Plumber every 6 -12 months to ensure there are no unforeseen issues especially if you have had a history of a blocked drain.

You can book a $0 call-out fee for one of our Sydney plumbers to attend the site and carry out a complimentary investigation.

On completion of the job, our tradesmen will explain the underlying problem and schedule serviced maintenance at a reduced cost for the future. As part of a scheduled maintenance plan, you will be entitled to discounts and free of charge advice at any stage. Depending on the property’s needs, a scheduled maintenance plan can involve visits monthly, quarterly or as required.




Have a quick look at many of our Blocked drains blogs we have created for the public to try and give it a go as sometimes you can clear a blocked drain with household items

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If you have no luck you can always rely on your trusted local plumber Proximity Plumbing to clear your blocked drain. 

The next time you are in an emergency plumbing situation, do not hesitate to contact your trustworthy local eastern suburbs plumber.  We are a genuine 24/7 emergency plumbing company ready to serve the community and assist in any way we can. If you prefer to come in and meet in person, you can visit Emily & Courtney at our head office in Dover Heights NSW 2030 or Contact Your Local Emergency Sydney Plumbing Company On 9388 7292/ 0420 102 394.