How do you know what is considered a plumbing emergency? One way to double-check is to pick up the phone and call our team. We’ll be able to tell you over the phone whether your plumbing issue is serious enough for immediate support. Here is some information on what kind of issues are considered “Emergency Plumbing Issues”:

If your home is currently experiencing any of these plumbing issues, please pick up the phone and call our team now!

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(Our emergency plumbers guarantee a 30 minute response time as standard through Sydney’s eastern suburbs. We achieve this quite readily as we are locally based, and with eight full-time trucks on the road, we will always have a plumber near you.

Although many plumbers in Sydney cover all Sydney plumbing emergencies, we stick within the Eastern suburbs, which is where we are based and can provide superior service as your local plumber can guarantee 24-hour plumbing services as standard.

When looking for a plumber in Sydney, It’s essential to take your time and do research to ensure the Sydney Emergency plumbing company you choose is reputable and is clear on the process and costs involved in after-hour calls out. Furthermore can provide solutions to all your plumbing needs, whether it’s a burst pipe or an emergency blocked drain.

When You’re In The Midst Of A Plumbing Emergency you often don’t stop and take five minutes to think clearly about the best ways to find a quality emergency plumber.

Routine plumbers are available during normal business hours; Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm. Emergency plumbers, on the other hand, are on call 24 hours a day and will come to your property at any time, including public holidays and weekends. Both kinds of plumbers are qualified and equipped to perform both type of plumbing work.

They should arrive as soon as possible, most reputable plumbing companies know their days never go to plan. Plumbing emergencies are generally unpredictable and most companies will have a plumber on stand by so when the time comes they can be dispatched. Get in touch with your local plumber – Proximity Plumbing – we’re here to help.

If the job is for a specific emergency issue (for example, a burst flexi pipe) there may be a plumber on the crew who is best suited to that issue. Have the representative you’re speaking with explain why that person is best suited to your emergency and have them tell you a little bit about that person (i.e.. are they also licensed, are they also able to attend ASAP, will they honour the payment rates you’ve already discussed).

When you’re in a genuine 24/7 emergency, you want to know that when you call, you’re going to be greeted by a local plumber who has the experience and capability to address your issue from the moment you call. A plumber who is licensed and based within the Eastern Suburbs and someone with a fully equipped vehicle to provide high-quality solutions in an emergency plumbing disaster should they occur.
Being attentive to your plumbing emergency is important, it’s wise to be selective about your choice of Sydney emergency plumber. By following our tips, you can ensure that the plumber you select is a trusted professional and not only will you receive a great service they will only do what is required without taking you for a ride.

If you are in a true plumbing emergency, we suggest you call Proximity
Plumbing, your local Sydney plumber now. We are the local emergency plumber Sydney trusts for all 24-hour emergency plumbing needs, and when you call our team, you’re speaking to a real plumber now, not a call centre, as we appreciate any after-hours job request requiring urgent attention. If you need an emergency plumber now we offer fast & efficient Sydney plumbing services near you.

We can guarantee 30min response times from the moment you call? Our dependable 24 hours Emergency Plumber service is always ready to serve you during weekends and public holidays. Due to the nature of our work, we understand that response times are one, if not the most important factors when choosing our Sydney emergency plumbers. If you encounter any emergency plumbing problems, contact us immediately, and we can even assist over the phone if applicable.

For all Sydney plumbing emergencies, we charge a flat fee between $250 – $350 + GST, which covers the after-hours call out to your door and will usually cover the minimum costs associated with making the property safe as this is our number one priority. Once onsite, you will never pay any extra rates for after-hours services

. From midday to midnight, the rate you pay will stay the same as if the works were done during regular operating hours.


With 25 years of collective experience in Sydney works alone, there has not been a job we could not address, for example, a burst pipe or gas leak which is often one of the reasons we get a call. Many plumbers would rush out to get to your property without first attempting to assist you in finding your nearest isolation tap. This advice and assistance alone can ultimately save your hundreds if not thousands and dollar in damages and after-hours service calls.

Another common emergency call-out we receive is blocked or clogged drains which can be caused by something as simple as an excessive hair in your shower drain or as dramatic as a sudden surge in stormwater causing your pits and downpipes to overflow and roof to leak. Have you recently checked if the hair is caught inside your drains, 9/10 you can resolve the issue by pulling apart your waste connection beneath?

We’re the plumber Sydney residents trust for over 10 years, our local plumbers have a competitive advantage as we can guarantee 30’mins response times and legitimately check your issues with a $0 call out. If you’re looking for a local Sydney plumber based within the eastern suburbs, why not call an actual local, it only makes sense right? I hope after using us, you’re a client for life and the next time you think of an emergency plumber eastern suburb you think of us.

Sydney Plumbing Emergencies often happen late at night, early in the morning or on a weekend/public holiday? These problems always seem to come at the worst possible time. For this reason, there are often plumbers who will take advantage and advertise rates that are often too good to be true in the hope you book them in and then, once
locked in, jack the prices up, usually 2-5 times the regular rate.

(Our emergency plumbers guarantee a 30 minute response time as standard through Sydney’s eastern suburbs. We achieve this quite readily as we are locally based, and with eight full-time trucks on the road, we will always have a plumber near you.