The average cost of installing a new hot water system in Australia is between $200, and $600. However, this is only the case if you’re replacing an existing hot water system with one of the exact same type, and this does not factor the cost of the water heater unit itself into account.

Every household should have a hot water system that is running efficiently and effectively. IF you notice any of the below signs, you know you have a bigger problems:

  • Leaks in the tank
  • The temperature has changed to cold
  • Hot water running out regularly
  • Large water bills

Here are the signs that your hot water system needs replacement:

At Proximity Plumbing, we are experts in helping Sydney Eastern Suburbs locals choose a gas heating solution that will meet the unique needs of their suburb, home design and build type. As. your gas plumbing partner, we can help you understand the benefits of many different types of gas heating.

Natural gas is a good option if you have the connection for it. It can be cheaper than electricity (unless you have solar panels) and because gas rates don’t vary through the day, gas hot water systems can heat water as needed. One important consideration is that gas is a fossil fuel, and moves to reduce carbon emissions will probably make gas a less attractive option in the future. While it’s currently cheaper than grid electricity, it’s nowhere near as cheap as your own solar-generated electricity if you have solar panels.

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The EVO270 has won the 2021, 2020 & 2019 hot water Product Review Award for 3 consecutive years, even after being recognised by Australian customers because of its innovative energy efficiencies and intelligent features.

It has been considered the next evolution in water heating, with advanced energy efficiency technologies and built-in smart features to ensure you’re provided with clean, safe, and economical hot water all year round.

The EVO 270 has innovative energy efficiency technology and constructed with smart features to guarantee you’re supplied with clean, secure, and affordable warm water throughout the year.

Unlike conventional hot water systems which use TkW of electricity to produce 1kW of warmth, the EVO 270 uses the same 1kW of power and heat pump technologies to create 4kW of warmth — saving you around 75 percent of your hot water prices!

Key Points:

1. Hot water up to 70°C
2. Storage Capacity: 270 litres
3. Locations: Outdoor or Indoor.

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Proximity Plumbing prides itself at providing a minimum of three options to tackle a Hot Water system fault. Depending on the source of the Hot Water will determine the appropriate method whether it’s repairing the Hot Water leak, upgrading your hot water unit or just a general hot water service.

Using Hot Water detecting equipment is the first crucial step in making your property safe again, and in the long term, attending to Hot Water leaks swiftly means you save money by not paying inflated Hot Water bills due to leaking Hot Water. In some circumstances, we can provide an option which may be an energy-efficient hot water system that suits your budget and meets a high energy star rating.

We are licensed hot water specialists that are licensed to install & service all types of hot water systems, when dealing with us you will have lifetime labour warranty & manufacturers warranty. Proximity Plumbing don’t take shortcuts when installing your hot water tank in your home, we ensure everything is to code including supplying a mandatory tempering valve to ensure no one gets burnt from scalding hot water.

A solar hot water heater uses solar panels or collectors to absorb the thermal heat from the sun, that then heats water in a storage tank. Solar panels or collectors need to be exposed to direct sunlight, so they ideally need to be installed on a roof.

For a typical household, water heating accounts for about 30 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions and household energy use. Depending on the climate and the model of heater, a solar water heater can provide between 50 to 90 percent of your total hot water requirements.

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Proximity Plumbing is a family-run 24/7 maintenance plumbing business based in the eastern suburbs, we specialise in hot water heaters and successfully service and replace for both residential and commercial areas. Feel comfortable calling one of our friendly staff and organising the closest plumber in our team to attend your property as quickly as possible.

We offer unparalleled hot water system installation repairs, and service at competitive prices. We have built an impeccable reputation for providing the highest quality service with our leading industry knowledge and experience within the eastern suburbs.

You will need to consider the size of the water heater you need in your home. Water heaters with a higher tank capacity or heating capacity will always be more expensive than smaller units. This is true whether you choose an electric system like a heat pump water heater, a solar water heater, or a water heater powered by natural gas.

So we highly recommend consulting with an experienced plumber and discussing how much hot water your home needs. Tanks can vary in size from 251 all the way up to 400L, and tankless, on-demand heaters vary greatly in capacity, too. Choosing the right size will help you save money when installing and operating your water heater.

Did you know that your home’s hot water accounts for almost a quarter of your energy costs? Over time, that’s a lot of money wrapped up in hot water! So, the choice between which heater system – gas or electric, is a crucial one.

To save time and avoid a ‘panic buy’ it’s best to do some research now and replace your aging system before disaster strikes. Usually, when hot water systems come to the end of their life it’s a dramatic ending. So, the answer to whether a gas or electric hot water heater is best depends on your home, family’s needs, and what you value more.

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Did you know Proximity Plumbing have helped over 5400 + homes get their hot water up & running throughout the last 10 years, we know having hot water is crucial and thankfully we know what’s best to recommend thanks to being partners with Reece plumbing.

These heaters can come in both electric and gas, with electric options you can also choose to go with off-peak power to save money on larger models.

Approximately 30 to 45 per cent lower running costs than their electric counterparts.

A solar water heater works just like a battery, storing energy from the sun in the form of hot water, ready for use at a later time

A heat pump uses renewable energy to heat and absorb the heat from the surrounding air and use it to heat your water.

Sizes ranging from 250-400 litres and come in all brands and models for any application.

It’s estimated that hot water uses 25% of your home’s power, so gas can save a lot of money switching.

A commercial system normally involves a mix of circulating pumps and conventional high demand hot water systems

Thermostatic mixing valves can be installed by any plumber but must be serviced and inspected once a year.

Tempering valves blend incoming hot and cold water together are set at 65°C to prevent scalding temperatures.

A Hot water dispenser produces instant hot or cold water, it’s usually an addition to a normal household tap.

Your high-quality hot water unit will usually last 10 years or more, but here are some tips from Proximity Plumbing on how to know when to replace it.

  • Age
  • Discoloured Water
  • Noisy
  • Leaks
  • Frequent Problems

Don’t wait for your hot water unit to shut down all together. Trust us – if past experiences are anything to go by, it will decide to shut down at the most inconvenient of times.

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