Most plumbing pipe repairs can be undertaken quickly & efficiently with no mess or excavation just peace of mind. This includes no removal of trees or landscaping which is a bonus for most Sydney homeowners. Pipe relining is also more environmentally friendly as there is no waste compared to conventional pipe replacement as there is no need to dig up the old pipe under the driveway or path.

If you would like to get a quick price estimate to see if pipe relining is in your budget, fill out the appropriate information in our price estimator. Always keep in mind that the upfront costs will be higher than clearing a blocked drain, but this is a long term, permanent solution. Clearing a blocked drain is only a temporary fix.

Whilst every project is different, with a few key pieces of information, you can generate a quick estimate to get an idea of what a relining solution is likely to cost.

Pipe relining cost per metre can be anywhere from $500 to $1200. The job price will depend on factors such as accessibility, risk, the size of the pipework, the length of the problem area and the number of junctions. A site inspection is mandatory to obtain a detailed and accurate quote, including a CCTV camera audit.

Anyone gathering information about possible alternatives for plumbing or drainage issues should ALWAYS consider pipe relining solutions and the benefits they offer over traditional plumbing repair methods. Failure to do so will mean gaps in knowledge and (in most cases) higher costs and more significant disruption to lifestyle and operations.

If you want to minimise the trouble and worry of pipe repair, then you must consider pipe relining. Because pipe relining is simple and easy, there is less disruption for you and your neighbours or business clients. Digging up during pipe repairs can cause a lot of mess and noise in your community.

You should only consider using pipe relining companies which:

  • Have Extensive Australasian Experience
  • Have Installation And Product Guarantees Of Up To 50 Years With Local Offices You Can Visit To Check On The Progress Of A Claim (If Necessary)
  • Invest In Their Product Research And Development
  • Have Products That Have Been Tested, Developed, And Manufactured In Australia For Australian And New Zealand Conditions
  • Are Fully Australian Owned And Use Australian/New Zealand Products
  • Are Heavily Involved In Education And Training
  • Have An Excellent Local Reputation They Value
  • Will Offer Cctv Footage Of The Pipe Before And After The Repair.
  • Have Products That Can Be Custom Designed To Suit The Requirements And Specifications Of Your Job
  • Use Honest, Reliable, Fully Qualified (In Australia) And Experienced Professionals To Carry Out The Latest Technology And Equipment Available.



The dried Brawoliner resin and lining have been certified to be environmentally friendly by the German Institute for the Environment and Hygiene making it perfect for sensitive areas such as near streams and rivers. The specially designed lining product can be hot cured and set in place in as little as 2 to 3 hours.

Brawoliner is particularly good around waterways, streams, and important ecosystems as there is no need to dig up the pipework – reducing the impact on these ecosystems. The flora and fauna at the site of the reline will not experience a change in their environment. The dig and replace solutions are invasive and will disrupt ecosystems for days, months or even years.