Online Enquiry powered by ServiceM8
Online Enquiry powered by ServiceM8

So – you’re in need of a plumber and don’t know who to use.

You go to Google and search my local plumber and then find yourself filtering through pages and pages of advertising claiming ‘‘local, $69 blocked drains, fast service’’ etc.

Ten minutes later, you are still navigating through one of the most competitive markets online, stuck trying to work out who to use and who you can trust without getting totally ripped off.

Proximity Plumbing has designed a guide on what we suggest you can do to find the best plumber for your next plumbing requirement.


1. Ask, where are you based, where is your office, and are you truly local?

Suggestion: Majority of the ‘Ads’ are plumbers not locally based.

Proximity Plumbing: Resides and have an office located in Vaucluse.


2. Check for online reviews and if they are indeed real users reviewing them

Suggestion: Anything below 3 stars is red flags, look for real names and honest responses from Sydney residents.

Proximity Plumbing: 128+ Google Reviews with a 4.8 star rating.


3. Are the prices advertising your real cost, or are their inclusions once onsite?

Suggestion: Avoid major plumbing companies and ads that claim “$69 blocked drains, $20 tap service”.

Proximity Plumbing: $0 Call Out, no obligation, quotes provided before starting.


4. Will it be a tradesman or apprentice attending?

Suggestion: Ensure your chosen plumber is a qualified tradesman with certification and is licensed to carry out plumbing.

 Proximity Plumbing: Only hire experienced tradesmen with a minimum 10 years’ experience.


 5. Do you have a licence and insurances?

Suggestion: Avoid any plumbers that do not have a plumbing license, and request to see it before starting.

Proximity Plumbing: Company & Personal Plumbing License, with $20 million public liability insurances, which is updated every year as we work for major strata and real estate companies based within the eastern suburbs.

If you’re asking these questions and a plumber appears offended, chances are you have dodged a bullet. Any proud plumber would love an opportunity to answer any of these questions – at the end of the day, what’s to hide? As a customer, if the plumber answers and provides only valuable and honest information from the questions above and you are comfortable with it – and it makes sense – then you are on to a winner.

Remember it might take another 5-10 minutes to carry out this process, but that time with be a worth while investment and save you a lot of money and headaches.

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