About Emily & William

Meet the directors! The pair grew up a street apart in Vaucluse without even knowing! William is the Director of Proximity Plumbing, William was born and raised in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Growing up as a Local in Vaucluse, William Demirdonder attended Waverley College as a teenager and spent most of his spare time either at Bondi Beach, socialising with mates, or working.

Starting in the workforce at the age of 14, William always understood the value of hard work and money. His first job was at McDonald’s on Bondi Beach. As the years went on he moved through different roles and started his plumbing apprenticeship during Year 12, After completing his Certificate of Plumbing, where he learned all the fundamentals of plumbing and customer service, William went on extending his experience and challenging himself – William started the journey of Proximity plumbing.

The pair met at a gym in Double Bay back in 2014 and have been inseparable ever since, Emily was in management prior to joining forces with William and taking on the business together as a team. Fast forward to today, Proximity Plumbing is a leading Eastern Suburbs Plumbing group with over 25 years of industry experience servicing all requirements of plumbing and maintenance.

about team profile

When we say Local, we mean it.

about team profile

we say Local, we mean it.

Emily & William’s Videos

Here are some videos that show you how Emily & William get the job done as a family business.

A Day In The Life Of Proximity Plumbing
The Team Getting Around Bondi
Bellevue Hill Hot Water Replacement
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