The O.G

Jack is one of Proximity Plumbing longest serving and most experienced plumbers. William & Jack were the first plumbers running Proximity Plumbing all those years ago, Jack has a place in our heart that will never be taken away, he has grown with the company over the years and has played a vital part within the business.

He is 28 years old and has over 11 years of plumbing experience. This is made up of 5 years commercial, 2 years in new homes, 1 year in civil and now 3+ years in domestic maintenance and renovations. You will find Jack fixing up his home, his boat or cleaning - he is the biggest clean freak you will ever met!

Emily & William’s Videos

Here are some videos that show you how Emily & William get the job done as a family business.

A Day In The Life Of Proximity Plumbing
The Team Getting Around Bondi
Bellevue Hill Hot Water Replacement
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