If There Is One Guy To Make You Laugh Its JB

JB brings years of plumbing experience from owning his own plumbing company back home in England, His passion for the trade and people combined with his “can do” attitude makes him a pivotal part of the team. His nurturing nature & classic English voice that make JB stand out to clients- we quite often get from clients' can we please get the lovely English Josh. He enjoys keeping fit - you will find him hanging down at Bondi bars doing 1000000 chins ups, fuelling his body with nourishing foods & doesn't mind a cheeky beer or two on the weekend.

Emily & William’s Videos

Here are some videos that show you how Emily & William get the job done as a family business.

A Day In The Life Of Proximity Plumbing
The Team Getting Around Bondi
Bellevue Hill Hot Water Replacement
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