Burst Heater Kensington

  • William Demirdonder
  • February 22, 2022
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We were urgently called to site after reports of a flooded apartment with Kensington, Our team was able to attend site within 30 minutes.



Once on site we immediately isolated the water in order to prevent any further damages, we ensured it was safe before proceeding to work on the heater, once we tested the heater it was evident that the heater had burst from old age, The tradesman proceeded to remove the existing one and supply and install a new heater.


As a result the tradesman replaced the hot water heater,  supplied and installed a new TPR valve and also a tray to ensure that if it were to burst again it would not go above the tray due to the safety switch, we have also provided a future booking for a 1 years time as a preventive measure and within 7 years time again nearing its warranty.