Benefits Of Cleaning Your Gutters Regularly

  • William Demirdonder
  • September 9, 2020
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Spring has finally rolled around and in addition to magpie swooping season, Spring is time to get your home ready for the months ahead. A good Spring clean inside and a thorough home inspection for outside is needed.

As we head into Spring and Summer, the epic storms wash over Sydney without much regard for our plans. So the key is to be prepared and have your home as ready as it can be for whatever Mother Nature throws at us. 

This article aims to help you prepare for storm season with a few simple home maintenance tips so you know that your plumbing system, water-heavy rooms and pipes are in the best shape possible for the upcoming months. 

We’ll also share with you our covid-19 safe “contactless maintenance” plans and what that means for you as our customer. 

Startlingly, a recent survey from Budget Direct found that only 1 in 3 Aussies clear their gutters of debris at least once a year, while 4 in 10 (41.1%) clear their gutters at least every few years or have never cleared their gutters. 

Shocking! Because we’re plumbers and our main concern is how effectively your home’s plumbing, pipes and gutters work, let’s start there. 

Your gutters matter! In a storm, they matter big time. 

why gutter cleaning is importantCleaning Your Gutters Regularly – All The Info You Need.

Wait, What Are Gutters? 

Gutters run around the edge of your roof; they are in place around the entire structure of your home. They are vital roofing components as they direct water away from your house to effectively preserve your home from water damage. 

Why Are Gutters So Important? 

The primary function of your home’s gutters is to provide a channel for rainwater to move off your rooftop and away from the foundation of your home. This channelling ensures that the water doesn’t seep beneath your home’s foundation, weakening it and causing serious issues in the future. If your home is exposed to prolonged periods of moisture it can weaken and deteriorate parts of your home’s structure.

We don’t want that!

If you’re living off rainwater (fully or partially) you will know the value of a clean gutter because every drop of water needs to find its way into that tank, undisturbed by debris or dirt. That’s why it’s important that your gutter system is clean, clear, and working properly at all times.

How Long Should Gutters Last?

Properly maintained, your gutter system should last 20-50 years. 

What Clogs A Gutter? 

Commonly, leaves, twigs, dirt, and debris can clog your gutters. It’s not uncommon to find birds’ nests in unmaintained gutters! The longer the debris is left unattended in gutters or downpipes, the less efficient your stormwater system will be. If your stormwater system is not fully functioning, you run the risk of damage being caused at your property, such as leaks and damage throughout ceilings and walls. 

When Will You Be Thankful For Your Clean Gutters? 

  • When a storm hits, and your gutters protect your home from severe downpours causing unnecessary damage.
  • When there is a threat of a bushfire! Clogged gutters, full of twigs, leaves, and debris are hazards for bushfires. Knowing your gutters are clear from any fire starting material will be a weight off your shoulders.
  • If it’s time to sell your home and the building inspection shows a clean gutter and stormwater system. Hooray.
  • When there has been a period of a lot of rain and your gutters have directed that water efficiently away from your home (and your lovely roses and herb garden) and into the right places.
  • When you have a rainwater tank, every drop of water is precious! 

The main reason you want to clean your gutters is so that large amounts of water can move off your roof, down the pipes and away from your property, preventing flooding, leaks and damage. 

When your gutters are clean, clear and functional they prevent any structural damage from occurring, they also prevent mold, dampness and sagging.

More and more, we are being hit with tropical rain and storms, producing an abundance of water for our gutters and downpipes to deal with. These storms often catch us by surprise, which is why it’s important to ensure gutters are clean, clear, and functioning at all times. Damage is often done when gutters have been neglected and a heavy storm comes through causing water to come down a wall or through the ceiling. This type of damage we call resultant damage and can often be very expensive to rectify.

We cannot recommend highly enough the importance of regular gutter and downpipe cleaning, so water is able to escape the roof effectively and prevent any damage being done to the property.

why gutter cleaning is important

Proximity Plumbing’s Spring Inspection 

At Proximity Plumbing we use a Spring Inspection Health Check to ensure our customer’s homes are prepped and ready for the months ahead. We look at things like water pressure, the condition of your roof, pumps, hot water system and take an expert look at your drains (especially the drains that matter in storm season like your stormwater drain, gutters, downpipes and sewer drains). To book your property in for a Spring Inspection now with our licenced and expert team, click here or call us on 0420 102 394 to book a time. 

The professional team of emergency plumbers at Proximity Plumbers takes all necessary steps related to cleanliness and safety as per the guidelines laid forth by the Department of Health and the NSW Government. Notably, our team is vaccinated. We are taking every Covid-19 Safety precaution to ensure our customers and team are kept safe and well at all times.

Our Covid safety plan includes the following: 

– None of our plumbers have travelled overseas or interstate in the last 14 days.

– Each one of our team members has completed an infection control training course provided to us by the Australian government.

– Our plumbers have been trained to respect your personal space. This means standing well back (more than 2 metres) when discussing the job in person. Upon request, we are also happy to conduct all discussions over the phone – even when on the premises.

– Each team member will be using a hand sanitiser before and after all our jobs.

– If you require any plumbing work completed during this time rest assured, we will continue offering the highest quality of customer service, Emergency callouts, and continuing our services to local Sydney businesses and residence.

– In addition to washing their hands, our plumbers wear a new pair of disposable plastic gloves on every job that they are required to work indoors.

– Our vehicles are now sanitised at least twice a week using a hospital-grade disinfectant.

– Our plumbers have been trained to recognise any signs of illness and must report to management immediately.

– As a part of the essential services during the pandemic, licensed Sydney plumbers are able to operate normally. Due to the increasing number of emergency requests that we receive, we have come up with an emergency hotline number to handle all possible requests as soon as possible. Our Covid safe emergency plumbing hotline on 0480 024 320 should you have any questions or need an emergency plumber.

Proximity Plumbing Spring HealthCheck

Spring Time Checks In And Around The Home 

A check-up of the plumbing in your house should also be on the spring-time checklist. You can avoid waiting for problems to occur by ensuring regular maintenance to help you save time as well as a potential emergency call out to us.

Here’s a few things you can easily inspect yourself over the course of an afternoon:  


Inspect Exposed Pipes for Potential Signs of Water Leakage

Some of the key signs that your pipes are not functioning properly include:

  • Increased water bills even when there are no changes to the overall water consumption
  • Unpleasant smells caused as moisture is not able to dry up
  • Observing excessive moisture around water zones in the toilet

When you are checking for leaks around the house, inspect areas having pipes located under sinks, along laundry cupboards, in gardens, and around outside walls. Leaks that go unnoticed can increase your monthly water bills from the respective providers. Moreover, leaks can also cause major structural damages to your home. If you have a water leak, reach out to a professional plumber right away!


Check Your Hot Water Heater

During the winter season, most water heaters tend to work overtime, giving us a continuous supply of lovely, hot water. Now that Spring is here, checking the water heaters should also be a priority task. You can opt for the servicing of the hot water system. Once you perform a check every 2-3 years, it will make sure that the water heating systems in your property are functioning properly. It also helps in maintaining the overall lifespan of the appliance.

In case your heating unit is taking longer to heat up water, you can hire a professional plumber in your area to service the heater valves. Ensure that you reach out to a water heater specialist to inspect the appliance and its performance.


Pay Attention to Sewer Drains

The sewer drain in your property is responsible for removing all waste and wastewater from your property. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep it clear and functioning. 

If you’ve been seeing signs over Winter that your sewer line may have a blockage, now is the time to act. Especially if you are aware of tree root growth and tree root infestation in your pipes. A tree root network can grow incredibly fast over Spring and Summer and before you know it, it could shut down your entire plumbing system. 

Here are some warning signs that tree roots are taking up residence in your pipes:


  • Slow to drain sinks and issues with multiple drains in and around the home 
  • Fertile, green patches on your lawn 
  • Soggy or wet patches on your lawn 
  • Toilet is regularly blocking and not draining properly 
  • Trees in your garden growing quickly 


Go Through the Water Meter

A simple water meter check will offer a good indication of whether or not there is water leakage during your spring inspection. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Locate the water meter in your property
  • As you retire for the night, check the reading of the water meter in your property 
  • As soon as you wake up the next morning, make it a point to record the water meter reading right away

In case the recordings that you undertake are highly distinct from each other, you might potentially have a water leak. In case the readings are slightly different or almost the same, it indicates that your property is leak free.

Checking Taps And Showerheads for Leaks

Spring is a good time to check the showers and taps for potential leaks. While a shower or tap leak might be minimal, it only adds to water wastage and your overall water bill. 

Witnessing a leaky tap, but do not know what to do? Contact our team of experienced plumbers now!


Clean Drains That Are Not Used Frequently

We all have sinks or areas in the house that are not used quite regularly (I’m looking at you downstairs bathroom). By regularly running water through these pipes and drains that are not used as much, you can ensure that drain flies and other debris does not build up. You can also do a bi-carb and vinegar with hot water clean every month or so.

Whether you opt for DIY spring cleaning projects or hire our professional plumbing team, make sure that you go through the detailed spring plumbing checklist for your property. Spring turns out to be the perfect time to prepare your to-do maintenance list. 


At Proximity Plumbing, we can set up recurring jobs for your property to ensure your gutters are always clean, clear and functioning. To do this, we would enlist the help of our estimators who would perform an inspection and analysis of the property, developing a unique maintenance plan for your gutters and downpipes.

This saves you from having to remember when your gutters are due to be cleaned and you won’t have to worry each time a storm is predicted to roll through.

At Proximity Plumbing, we take prevention plumbing and home maintenance seriously. Living in the eastern suburbs we know how valuable your home’s maintenance is to you so our team can set up a recurring job for your property to ensure your gutters are always clean, clear, and functioning.

Call us today on 0420 102 394 for a free quote. Plus, we guarantee to be on-site within the eastern suburbs in 30 minutes.

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