How Much Do Plumbers Charge Per Hour In Sydney?

    What is your hourly rate? It is probably one of the most frequently asked questions Sydney plumber get and for a good reason. We do not have an hourly rate, and instead, we charge by the job, not by the hour, with a system called up-front pricing. It is transparent, and you know what you are getting before we start work, with no hidden costs and peace of mind that the price is guaranteed… no matter how long it takes to carry out the job.

    Charging by the job and not by the hour does not appeal to everyone, but we have found this is the most transparent way to conduct business. When it comes to Plumbing, every job is different. That is why you are calling us in to fix it. We often find we need to see the problem before letting you know how much it will cost to fix it. That is why we offer the complimentary call out, and once we are onsite, we can determine what the job will cost. Each type of job is a set, upfront fixed price, and we need to determine what that is by conducting a thorough inspection.

    We respect that our clients are often time-poor professionals who want the job done efficiently and of high quality. They also appreciate their time over money and understand the actual value of the service we provide. We find billing hourly gives you the incentive to work less efficiently since you are being paid not for the outcome but for your time.

    The cost of Plumbing is arguably the biggest concern for anyone when organising a job. A job well done is a must-have, but so is a competitive quote. Clarity is also crucial. Customers want to know exactly what goes into plumbing quotes. They want to understand what contributes to the cost of any repair, installation, or maintenance task. It may come as a surprise, but 92% of homeowners prefer upfront flat-rate pricing over the old school method known as an hourly rate.

    If you would like to discuss our prices further, please do not hesitate to contact William, the director or visit one of our top 10 blogs - How to choose the right plumber.


    Providing Quotes Over The Phone


    When clients call, they have already assumed the amount of time and costs something their chosen job will take. For example: "How much to fix my tap washer? ''
    it's a quick 2 min job; I just don't have the tools to do it myself". The truth is even the simplest of jobs cannot be quoted over the phone as there are so many variables that the typical consumer would not appreciate. Any plumber who provides a price over the phone is doing you a disservice.

    There is only one way to diagnose a plumbing problem, and that is by an onsite investigation. No matter what you think, you can visually observe. You only see part of the potential problem. No two plumbing installations are ever wholly the same, no matter how alike they may appear.

    Unfortunately, too many plumbers will give quotes over the phone. This is entirely unprofessional and no more than a marketing ploy to entice you to engage them to come to solve your problem. Think about it would you expect a doctor to diagnose a medical condition over the phone. It's easier to diagnose a medical issue over the phone than a plumbing problem, but no doctor will do so without first examining you.

    Plumbing Costs Explained

    Time and material may work for an independent plumber who operates as a one-person operation. Still, for a legitimate service company, it would be unfair to charge customers "by the hour. All plumbers work at different speeds and have different levels of skill, personalities, and experience. For these reasons, charging "by the hour" would cause one customer to pay more than the other for the same work.

    In today's marketplace, most reputable plumbing and drain service companies in and around Sydney charge using a method called Upfront Pricing. Upfront Pricing means that all customers pay the same price for the same work regardless of how long the plumber completes the work. An average time is taken between all the plumbers, so it is fair for everyone.

    Another benefit to Upfront Pricing includes knowing the price before the work starts, not guessing the cost. This way, both the customer and the plumber can eliminate the stress of "watching the clock." With Upfront Pricing, there is no additional cost and no surprises. Therefore, Upfront Pricing has become somewhat of the standard pricing model for our team at proximity Plumbing.

    When you pay a flat rate, you will pay the quoted price whether the job takes an hour or five hours.

    Problems With Plumbers Charging Hourly Rate

    While the hourly rate can seem attractive - it often seems low, especially when the hourly rate can be between $60-$120 per hour because you may already have an idea of how long you "think" a job should take. There are some things you will need to consider when choosing a plumber who charges by the hour.

    • Will they have all the parts with them when they arrive? - or will they need to get them (and charge you for the time they spend)

    • Are they experienced in the job they are doing for you? - this may seem like an obvious one (After all, you have called a plumber, right), But Plumbing is a very broad trade, and your plumber may take longer to complete some tasks (and therefore charge you more)

    • If something goes wrong, are they going to charge you extra to fix it? Again, it seems obvious, but some plumbers on an hourly rate (Especially at the lower end) expect to be paid even if they are fixing their own stuff-ups

    • What happens when the job takes longer? Is there a cap on how long the job will take, or are you throwing money to the wind?

    • Are you paying for the plumber to answer their phone? Many small plumbers will get calls while they are on your job (They need to answer it after all and do not have a receptionist). Are they going to be doing that on your time? or do they pause the "clock" while they take a call?

    • How much is your plumber charging for parts? Do they give you the "trade price", and if so, will they show you the receipt, or do they charge a margin? And if so, do they offer a warranty for their parts, and will they handle a warranty claim on your behalf on larger items like hot water systems or heaters?

    Why We Stand By Upfront Fixed Pricing

    We learnt a long time ago that it is by far better to offer a more premium, quality service and explain our prices than to skimp out and live with a reputation for poor quality for our local Eastern Suburb clients. Why do we charge more? It is a fair question. Let me Endeavor to answer. First, our prices are not set by happenstance, they are not set to the level we think is fair and to cover our operating costs, furthermore, they are not set to the level our competitor's charge. Our prices are set so that we can keep 10 cents out of every dollar after taxes. I think that is fair.

    When Proximity Plumbing was created by William and Emily it wasn't to make a quick buck it was to earn a reputation of a reliable plumber, we work on building relationships, not transactions, with over 500 Google reviews online- we must be doing something right? check them outhere.

    Obtaining Multiple Quotes - We encourage that if it is a bigger job like a sewer rehabilitation or a reline to get multiple quotes and compare apples for apples. This way, you can see the difference that sets us apart from every other plumbing company & so you can see we are generally providing you with excellent service, prices, and ultimately great value, one thing to keep in mind is don't always fall it's cheaper it's better' ensure you look over the scope of work, not just the $$$$$.