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    Proximity Plumbing is a Husband & wife maintenance plumbing business based in the Eastern Suburbs; we specialise in Commercial plumbing each day. Feel comfortable calling one of our friendly team members and organising the closest plumber to attend your property as quickly as possible.

    Our Proximity Plumbing team has 25+ years of industry experience; all our plumbers are licenced and constantly refine their skills with the latest technology and industry insights. Our trucks are equipped with the best tools and equipment to tackle any Commercial plumbing requirement, whether it’s a private service or a large commercial complex.

    With Proximity Plumbing, we promise that we are transparent with all costs involved. We will always provide you with an upfront quote, explain our suggestions and how it will fix your plumbing issue. Our plumbers ensure you are 100% happy with the work we complete for you, and at the end of the job, make sure the space is clean, neat and tidy.

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    Proud Members Of Industry Associations

    We pride ourselves on our proactive commitment toward industry best practises. We play an active role in maintaining the highest standards throughout the plumbing industry. We have accredited members and longstanding supporters of:

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    Our Services Include

    Our Commercial Plumbing Services Include

    • Programmed Preventative Maintenance

    • Emergency Services - 24/7 Guaranteed Emergency Service Response

    • Trade Waste Solutions - Design, Installation Servicing and Repairs

    • Blockages & chokes - servicing repairs

    • Pumping Solutions - Supply, Installation and Servicing

    • Backflow Prevention - Installation and testing

    • Thermostatic Mixing Valve - Installation and testing

    • Water Supply - Design, Installation and Repairs

    • Repairs and installation for manifold continuous flow hot water systems

    Why Choose Proximity Plumbing For Your Commercial Plumbing Needs Within Sydney?

    Proximity Plumbing is a licensed commercial plumbing local business with public liability and home warranty insurance. This means your business knows it can be comfortable dealing with our tradesmen and instructing them on the tasks you require to solve your plumbing problems.

    We specialise in scheduled building maintenance and annual TMV & backflow testing. We are water board certified and licensed backflow prevention. We offer comprehensive communication via email or telephone to provide up to date information on the progress of the job.

    Proximity Plumbing provides a 24-hour, 7-day service - so we can organise a highly-skilled, professional plumber at your workplace when you need us. Our completely stocked vans are ready with the best equipment for most plumbing jobs, so whether it be an office, restaurant or factory that needs servicing, we are ready to assist.

    We understand that our commercial customers are running a business, and all work must be carried out with minimal disturbance to the day-to-day operations, as soon as possible. We are more than happy to work after hours to get the job done and eliminate any inconvenience for you, your team or customers.

    Our team members are all well-presented, courteous and respectful of your environment. They make sure to leave the area they are working on clean and tidy when the job is complete.

    With larger jobs, we provide upfront, obligation-free written quotes before any work is started. We are experts in a wide range of plumbing services, so you can be sure our Master Plumbers are ready and able to help.

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    Commercial Plumbing Sectors

    We pride ourselves on our proactive commitment toward industry best practises. We play an active role in maintaining the highest standards throughout the plumbing industry. We have accredited members and longstanding supporters of:

    Retail & Shopping Centres

    Clubs, Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants

    Commercial Offices Fit out

    Government & Schools

    Hospitals & Health Workplaces

    Industrial Warehouses

    Health Workplaces

    Real Estate Plumbing Specialists Providing Complimentary Quotes. Call Us Now For Free Consultation:

    Icon Phone0420 102 394

    Backflow Prevention Sydney

    Backflow occurs when water that has been contaminated or exposed to the atmosphere makes its way into the domestic water supply of a property. The water that we drink at home has been through a process that removes any dangerous chemicals, bugs, etc.

    There are times, however, where that supply can become compromised, resulting in contaminated water making its way to our taps.

    Typically, backflow happens as a result of ‘siphonage’. Siphonage occurs in scenarios where there is a build-up of pressure at a given source, greater than the pressure in the pipes. Some of the common places that we see potential backflow risks are:

    • Cafes & Restaurants

    • Golf Courses & Sporting Ovals

    • Shopping Centres

    • Caravan & Tourist Parks

    • High Rise Buildings

    • Manufacturing Premises

    • Mechanic Workshops

    • Medical Facilities

    • Car Washes

    • Chemical Plants

    • Swimming Pools

    • Laundries & Dry Cleaners

    Reactive Maintenance

    Preventative scheduling is the precautionary maintenance of assets which at the time are functioning at an optimum capacity. The scheduling of the preventative maintenance allows for reductions in unexpected faults and major rectification costs, giving your asset equipment greater longevity. Our preventative maintenance offering is customised to suit any building or tenant application and can be designed around your organisation requirements. Our flexibility when offering programs can be based on custom design, manufacturer recommendations, asset condition or of an expert’s opinion.

    When planning a program, we take into consideration the following:

    • Scheduled times – Weekly, Monthly, Bi-annual, Annual

    • Regulatory compliance requirements

    • ISO Standard

    • Mandatory reporting inclusive of asset registers

    • Monthly programs, site meetings and more

    Our capability to provide a site by site specific schedule of leading-edge plumbing services, provides the confidence for our clients that we get the bigger picture when it comes to customer service, asset management & the many constraints often placed on managers when engaging trades.

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    Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Innovative clients choose to complete condition assessments of their plumbing assets. Clients can select condition assessments for all sorts of good reasons – mainly to manage risk and to plan. This saves time and whole of life costs, and there are no surprises. The program allows discussion and decision-making around the appropriate interval of maintenance in terms of criticality to service delivery and complexity of the building assets, ensuring your business runs smoothly and your assets are adequately maintained.

    To be effective, the assessment then forms part of a comprehensive program of maintenance in conjunction with planned preventative, compliance, and reactive maintenance work. This is planned over some time to give structure and manage risk to assets owners. In addition to condition assessment information, we provide a range of other asset management information, which is also obtained through inspections or surveys of buildings which enriches your understanding of the assets you must plan.

    Plumbing Audits, Preventative Maintenance Plans and Asset Replacement Plan
    The service includes:

    • Review of plumbing asset condition

    • Lists and prices repair of defects

    • Prepares a preventative maintenance plan

    • Prepares a plumbing asset replacement plan

    • Prepares forward OPEX and CAPEX plumbing budget estimates

    • May include a plumbing risk assessment (depends on consequence of loss of water/sewer services)

    Commercial Maintenance

    At the time, routine maintenance can feel like an unnecessary cost that adds up over time. However, these costs are minuscule compared to repairing a large problem such as roof leaks or a blocked drain bursting. That is why routine maintenance is so valuable, as it ensures those big, expensive disaster situations do not occur. Faulty and inefficient plumbing waste unnecessary money over time, so we believe you are better off putting your money into maintenance instead of down the drain!

    Preventative maintenance is something you can organise for your home, strata block, investment property or business premises. What may start out as a small issue that can quickly lead to something more significant if left unattended? It is important to address the issue whilst it is potentially minor to prevent inconvenience and increased costs; thanks to our highly skilled team, we can address the issue and provide options to best tackle the issue whilst onsite

    With proximity plumbing, you are in safe hands as we have over 25+ years of industry experience. All our tradesmen are licenced and constantly refining their skills with the latest technology and industry insights. Our trucks are totally equipped with the latest tools and equipment to tackle any situation. The cost savings of taking part in a preventative plumbing maintenance program significantly outweigh the costs you incur when the equipment fails. The long-term savings are even more beneficial as the life of your entire

    Benefits Of Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

    • Reduction of unexpected breakdowns and service interruptions by finding where your potential risks lie.

    • Discovering leaks, clogged pipes/drains and keeping sewer lines flowing as they should.

    • Reducing water consumption by identifying leaking faucets and toilets.

    • Avoiding unexpected costs of repairs or replacement due to unresolved issues.

    • Developing a relationship with our service team which in turn allows them to become familiar with your site.

    • This makes for much easier troubleshooting when problems do occur.

    Financial Benefits: Preventative maintenance by a qualified plumber catches minor issues before they become costly emergencies. No one wants to shut down for the day because a damaged pipe finally gave way! When you are operating a business, you’re risking significant loss of revenue on top of the repair bill.

    Legislative Benefits:: Specific rules apply to things like waste disposal, backflow prevention and air quality management. Regular maintenance visits can confirm you are operating properly under that legislation, as well as taking care of any mandated regular testing or maintenance of those systems.

    Hot Water Jetting Service

    Our hot water jetter has 4000 PSI Diesel CPX Series Hot Water Jetter (Class A) Kubota Diesel Engine Heavy duty triplex pump with brass pump head Adjustable temperature up to 130°C. While cold water jetters are excellent at pushing stubborn clogs down the line and cutting away debris, hard water cannot dissolve grease. It may make it away, but tough grease clogs will present themselves again further down the line. How do you remove fat from your hands? Hot water and soap, right? The best way to rid a pipe of oil is with high-temperature hot water. The most effective way to help prevent the problem from happening again is to treat the pipe with a bio/environmentally friendly drain line treatment like hot water jetters.

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