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    Are they looking for a Residential Plumber near me? Proximity plumbing is a full-service plumbing company in Sydney, specialising in residential plumbing. Each day, we receive calls from clients who have run into residential plumbing issues within the Eastern Suburbs; understandably, they want their issues resolved fast, and hassle-free so they can use their plumbing without further worries.

    When you call Proximity Plumbing, you will be welcomed by Emily, the co-director of Proximity plumbing, who can gain an understanding of the plumbing issue & can assist you over the phone before sending out a residential plumbing services vehicle. You can have peace of mind knowing our reliable, professional, and experienced residential plumbing experts backed by years of experience, so your issue will soon be resolved.

    Unlike 90% of our competition who are old school plumbers or want a quick sale and still don’t care too much about surface protection and often leave dirt, grease, glue, silicon, or scratch marks behind. You can have peace of mind that Proximity Plumbing treats each & every home as if it were our mother’s home, we have two key focuses as a Sydney plumber- 1. be a problem solver and 2. see every client as a human not a transaction like most of our competitors.

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    Proud Members Of Industry Associations

    We pride ourselves on our proactive commitment toward industry best practises. We play an active role in maintaining the highest standards throughout the plumbing industry. We have accredited members and longstanding supporters of:

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    Why Choose Proximity Plumbing As Residential Plumber?

    We do not want to give you “OK” service —we want to deliver an exceptional service that will surpass your expectations and have you raving about us! This starts with our commitment to stand by our work and flows to the interactions with our team of plumbers. You can expect branded Proximity Plumbing uniformed professionals who are friendly, courteous, respectful, skilled, and knowledgeable. We’ve been working across the Eastern Suburbs every day for years. So, when you’ve got a plumbing emergency, we’re never far away. That’s why we can guarantee we’ll be at your front door and ready to work within 30 minutes if you need us.

    No matter the time or date, our tradesmen will call 30 minutes before arrival to introduce themselves to gain an understanding of the issue at hand, so they know exactly what they are dealing with upon arrival. Our plumbers will always arrive on time at your premises (thanks to our advanced scheduling software, you will know the exact time they are due to come). Once onsite, they will present themselves in a clean and tidy manner and will always take their work boots off before entering your home.

    We believe courtesy is one of the most important tools we carry. Why? Because Proximity plumbing is much more than star rating of 4.9 from 562+ residents voicing how they feel about our services.

    Not the other way around. Our experienced plumbing team is used to the hectic lives of Eastern suburbs mums & dads, and we know what you need when a plumbing problem strikes. We’ll schedule you in outside of your mad morning and afternoon rushes. We’ll prioritise you so your household’s up and running before the kids get back from school. We do things a little differently. We think about the little things that are big things to us.


    Reliable Service & Honest Experience.

    Customers who work with us are guaranteed to get on-time service 24/7. Not only that but our professional team is committed to handling plumbing repairs using high-quality parts from the best brands to ensure you receive excellent results.

    We pride ourselves on being honest and reliable expert plumbers. With a fleet of vehicles on the road seven days a week (all fully equipped with all the latest tools and technology), we are set up to service your needs immediately when you call us.

    We know that some of you have children that sleep during the day, so we will text instead of calling and knock gently instead of ringing your bell. We will also spray down your surfaces with high-grade disinfectant before we go to ensure surrounding areas and toys are safe to use again.

    We will leave your home smelling sweet with a complimentary Proximity Plumbing candle that wipes out sewer smells that no one needs! & Finally, if there are further works, we will send through a written quote in plain English – as no one understands tradie lingo!

    So, Here’s How We’re Different:

    Priority Scheduling #1

    Priority Scheduling

    Priority Scheduling #2

    Quiet & Respectful Communication

    Priority Scheduling #3

    Protective of your home like it were our own.

    Priority Scheduling #4

    Quote on Request

    Priority Scheduling #5

    Easy to Understand Quotes

    Priority Scheduling #6

    High Level of Hygiene & safety

    Priority Scheduling #7

    No Interruptions

    Priority Scheduling #8

    A Special Touch

    Looking For A Fast Response From Plumbers Who Understand Strata & Body Corporate Rules? Call Us Now.

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    We Offer

    • Flexible And Affordable Prices
    • Up-Front Quotes
    • No Hidden Costs
    • 25+ Years Industry Experience
    • Local Knowledge
    • Quality Workmanship
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    We Are

    • Experienced And Professional
    • Licensed And Insured
    • Honest And Reliable
    • Helpful And Efficient
    • Prompt And Courteous
    • Clear And Transparent
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    We Don’t

    • Overcharge
    • Employ Subcontractors
    • Make A Mess
    • Keep You Waiting For Hours
    • Disappoint
    • Take Advantage

    Emergency Residential Plumbing Services

    It can’t be stressed enough just how important it is that you always go through a reputable plumbing service for your emergency plumbing and all other plumbing needs. A fully licensed and qualified plumbing service will carry out quality work, liaise with tenants, landlords and property managers in a professional and efficient manner. Getting a plumber that is used by reputable Property managers is a bonus. Aside from extra credibility they understand the rules and regulations around rental properties.

    First, let’s identify what makes a plumbing emergency. It is generally defined as an occurrence/event that needs immediate attention as it interferes with the normal functioning of a building. Clogged drains, burst water pipes, gas leaks, broken hot water heaters, blocked toilets and flooding are classified as plumbing emergencies. Leaking taps are not classified as emergency plumbing. They still need repairs though. Always use a qualified plumber certified to carry out emergency plumbing.

    Residential Building Manager

    The building manager is engaged by a scheme to be an on-site resource for everyday property matters. The responsibilities and level of authority of a building manager will vary depending on the needs of the scheme. Their contract should reflect what their duties are.

    Their duties can include:

    • Being the on-site contact for owners, occupiers, suppliers.

    • Facilitate repairs and maintenance of common property by obtaining quotes.

    • Instructing strata manager on work orders.

    • Supervision and quality assessment of suppliers.

    • Contract register and management.

    • Provide cost-effective options for prolonging the life of the building's assets.

    • Maintaining and managing the asset register.

    • Creation and management of maintenance programs.

    • Capital works fund assessment management.

    • Management and provision of security systems and items.

    • Ensure building compliance and safety is maintained.

    • Certifications including lifts, swimming pools, fire systems, and roof anchor points.

    • Assists with the management of upholding by-laws.

    • It helps to create a harmonious and positive community.

    Suppose a property manager reports a common property issue to the building manager. In that case, their contract should define whether they have the authority to decide or whether the decision rests with the strata committee. It is important to note that there is no contractual relationship between a strata manager and a building manager. They are both engaged by the owner's corporation to perform different duties concerning the scheme. The building manager generally has special skills that are not required for the provision of strata management services.

    Essential Plumbing In Sydney

    During these challenging times, most businesses and even projects have come to a halt. The environment we find ourselves in is new territory. The sense of duty and care to others has never been stronger. The safety and wellbeing of all our clients, staff and the community remain our top priority during this time. We want to take this opportunity to reassure you that plumbing is an essential service. You'll never be left without a plumber or find yourself in a dangerous situation without assistance.

    Proximity Plumbing is open for business. While we are adhering to the rules and regulations, we can also service all your emergency plumbing needs in Sydney. Plumbing is an intricate part of health and safety for our community. With everyone at home, your plumbing system is working twice as hard.

    Helping our clients understand what might constitute an emergency is part of our job and one our are familiar with. We have experienced a high volume of calls with citizens to understand if their blocked drains, a failed hot water system Sydney, burst pipes or leaking taps fall into an emergency plumbing category. As a fully licensed and insured plumbing company, we understand the stress of dealing with those situations alone. You are not alone.

    Proactive Vs Reactive Plumbing

    Much like your car, your house requires general plumbing maintenance from time to time. However, there are several areas homeowners should keep in mind when it comes to plumbing maintenance. First, flexible plumbing hoses should be checked periodically. If you see signs of rust, wear and tear or bulging you should call a plumber and have them replaced immediately. If left unattended, you may incur a burst pipe which can cause serious damage. Second, it’s important to take note of dripping or leaking taps and toilets as leaking pipes do not get to a state where they fix themselves… in fact, they only get worse. Which will eventually ‘spill over’ into increased water bills as well as a larger plumbing job to repair and pay for.

    A complementary item to also check is your hot water heater, where you will be looking for signs of rust or corrosion. Additionally, if you have a storage tank be sure to check the pressure relief valve. Information about what to do will be written on your tank, usually near the top. Should you notice rust, or do not understand the manufacturer’s instructions, feel free to give our plumbing team a call and we can help. It is important you maintain your water heater to ensure it has a long and efficient operating life.

    Proudly Family Run, Own & Operated

    The Proximity Plumbing team is our family. We are family-owned but also family-run. We're a company that considers our employees to be family, and when you are our client, you join our family too. You can be assured that when you engage with Proximity Plumbing, you are engaging with a team that has significant experience in not only collaborating to achieve the best possible result for our clients but our sense of family allows for open and honest discussion to continually improve our standards of service.

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