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    How To Select The Best “Plumber Near Me"

    “Plumber near me” is the first thing most Sydney residents type into a google search when something goes wrong with their plumbing. But how do you know which local plumber near you is the best plumber for the job at hand?

    Stay calm. You’re in safe hands.

    Each day, we receive calls from local clients who have run into residential plumbing issues within the Eastern Suburbs, Understandably, they want their issues resolved fast so come later on they can use their plumbing.

    When you call Proximity Plumbing, you will be welcomed by Emily the co-director of Proximity plumbing, who can gain an understanding of the plumbing issue & can assist you over the phone before sending out a residential plumbing services vehicle. You can have peace of mind knowing our reliable and professional domestic plumbers are backed by years of expertise, so your issue will soon be resolved.

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    If you want a reputable Eastern Suburbs based Emergency response plumbing company run by a husband & wife team office located within Dover heights Eastern Suburbs community, you are in luck! Proximity Plumbing has a proven track record through over 25 years of industry experience of providing high end quality plumbing work within the Eastern suburbs backed by our repeat clients & over 255 + Google reviews.

    As we provide a $0 Call out you can relax knowing even if you are not ready to proceed or you would like to chat to your partner about it when they return home you are not being charged. As we are strictly based within the Eastern suburbs no area is too far away thus we do not charge to attend sites & provide our professional opinion.

    We pride ourselves at being Honest & Reliable Plumbers within the Eastern Suburbs which is often hard to find. Having a fleet of seven vehicles on the road seven days a week, which are all equipped to face any plumbing job whether its a simple job like servicing a tap or something more extensive like locating & replacing a defective section of pipework.

    Our professional team strives to make the experience easy for customers by offering affordable pricing and a variety of easy payment options to suite best. We can provide written quotes and guarantees to ensure there are no surprises when the bill comes, Proximity Plumbing was started with one thing in mind, providing a superior service that will surpass your expectations. This all starts with the little things and one of them includes being clean and courteous to each client and their property ensuring we give all clients the very best experience in customer service.

    That is still our #1 priority to this day! Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    To ruin your home is to ruin our reputation

    Unlike 90% of our competition who are old school plumbers or want a quick sale and still don’t care too much about surface protection and often leave dirt, grease, glue, silicon or scratch marks behind. You can have peace of mind that Proximity Plumbing treats each & every home as if it were our mother’s home.

    How do we do this?

    • We treat Covid 19 seriously, when making the booking Emily will ensure you are comfortable for our tradesman to carry out the repairs and if a mask & boot covers are required.

    • Our tradesman will arrive in a branded Proximity Plumbing vehicle so you know it’s the correct company that you engaged.

    • You will be treated with respect by our courteous Plumbers who will introduce themselves by name & ensure they gain an understanding of the plumbing issues & if it has happened prior to commencing any work.

    • Each of the tradesmen are well presented in Proximity Plumbing uniform, we have a policy of no smoking.

    • We provide up front pricing all detailed on a branded proximity plumbing notepad provided so you can see for yourself.

    • We take before and after photos as a reference which get sent through on completion of the job with the invoice.

    • Carry out a complimentary home inspection and provide a report on completion if anything is required to be acted on eg: flexible hoses being replaced as a precaution if there are signs of ageing & rust marks.

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    Upfront and honest pricing, with a $0 call out fee

    As we provide a $0 Call Out you already can relax knowing you aren’t going to get ripped off. Our team of licensed plumbers explain every option and ensure you’re happy with the solutions we provide before you commit to any work or expense.

    We also charge a flat fee, so there’s no need to watch the clock - we work as long as we need to get the job done right, the first time.

    Our professional team strives to make the experience easy for customers by offering affordable pricing and a variety of easy payment options. We can provide written quotes and guarantees to ensure there are no surprises when the bill comes.

    Everyone wants reliable service and honest experience.

    Customers who work with us are guaranteed to get on-time service 24/7. Not only that, but our professional team is committed to handling plumbing repairs using high-quality parts from the best brands, to ensure you receive amazing results.

    At Proximity Plumbing, we pride ourselves at being honest and reliable expert plumbers. With a fleet of vehicles on the road seven days a week (all fully equipped with all the latest tools and technology) when you call us, we are set up to service your needs immediately.

    Proximity Plumbing was started with one thing in mind; to provide a superior plumbing service that surpasses your expectations. To achieve this goal, we start with the little things - that matter a lot! Upfront communication, punctuality, professionalism, being clean, courteous and respectful of our client’s home. It all means that our clients experience the very best in customer service. That is still our #1 priority! And we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


    Big Business Benefits Without The Small Business Risks

    We believe that as a medium-sized business within the industry, we can provide our clients with all of the benefits of big business without the high risks associated with small businesses. Call us now.

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    Home Owner

    We Are Committed To All Of Our Home Owners

    • Emily personally takes all inbound calls & ensures every clients needs are met

    • All emails responded to within the hour

    • Work orders actioned within 30 minutes

    • 24-hour emergency call service

    To us customer service is not a USP it should be standard for any business, to us we are able to stand out in a congested market as we deliver a service to local Eastern suburb clients like no other.

    Why Choose Proximity Plumbing?

    Proximity Plumbing prides itself at providing a minimum of three options to tackle a Hot Water system fault.
    Depending on the source of the Hot Water will determine the appropriate method whether it’s repairing the Hot Water leak, upgrading your hot water unit or just a general hot water service.

    This starts with our commitment to stand by our work and flows to the interactions with our team of plumbers. You can expect branded Proximity Plumbing uniformed professionals who are friendly, courteous, respectful, skilled, and knowledgeable.

    No matter the time or date our tradesmen will call 30 minutes prior to arrival to introduce themselves to gain an understanding of the issue at hand so they know exactly what they are dealing with upon arrival.

    Our plumbers will always arrive on time at your premises (thanks to our advanced scheduling software you will know the exact time they are due to arrive). Once on site they will present themselves in a clean and tidy manner and will always take their work boots off prior to entering your home.

    We believe courtesy is one of the most important tools we carry. Why? Because Proximity plumbing is much more than cleaning out a drain or repairing a broken pipe—it’s about making sure our clients feel their home is treated with respect and care.

    We want you to know that you’ve hired the right team for the job, the moment we step foot in your home.

    Still, don’t believe us? Head over to our Google reviews, we have a star rating of 4.9 from 422+ local residents voicing how they feel about our services.

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    Qualities We Stand By At Proximity Plumbing

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    We Offer

    • Flexible And Affordable Prices
    • Up-Front Quotes
    • No Hidden Costs
    • 25+ Years Industry Experience
    • Local Knowledge
    • Quality Workmanship
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    We Are

    • Experienced And Professional
    • Licensed And Insured
    • Honest And Reliable
    • Helpful And Efficient
    • Prompt And Courteous
    • Clear And Transparent
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    We Don’t

    • Overcharge
    • Employ Subcontractors
    • Make A Mess
    • Keep You Waiting For Hours
    • Disappoint
    • Take Advantage

    So, Here’s How We’re Different:

    Priority Scheduling #1

    Priority Scheduling

    We get the job done while the kids are at school

    Priority Scheduling #2

    Easy to Understand Quotes

    We promise no trade lingo!

    Priority Scheduling #3

    Quiet Communication

    We text and gently knock so we won’t wake any sleeping babies.

    Priority Scheduling #4

    Protect Your Home

    We wear boot covers to avoid damage to your floors.

    Priority Scheduling #5

    High Level of Hygiene

    We offer complimentary high-pressure hose on surfaces using high grade disinfectant to ensure a clean and safe area after completing high pressure jetting work.

    Priority Scheduling #6

    Quote on Request

    We email you a quote with options to discuss at a later time suitable

    Priority Scheduling #7

    Protection Against Bad Smells

    We provide a complimentary Proximity Plumbing candle to leave your house smelling fresh!

    Priority Scheduling #8

    No Interruptions

    We work with you to find a suitable time for the booking & once we are set up we don’t interrupt your Zoom calls while you work from home!

    Proximity Plumbing

    We Are There For You In An Emergency

    We’ve been working across the Eastern Suburbs every day for years. So, when you’ve got a plumbing emergency, we’re never far away. That’s why we can guarantee we’ll be at your front door and ready to work within 30 minutes if you need us.

    We Fit In With Your Busy Schedule

    Not the other way around. Our experienced plumbing team is used to the hectic lives of Eastern suburbs mums & dads, and we know what you need when a plumbing problem strikes. We’ll schedule you in outside of your mad morning and afternoon rushes. We’ll prioritise you so your household’s up and running before the kids get back from school.

    We Go That Extra Mile

    We do things a little differently. We think about the little things that are big things to you. We know that some of you have children that sleep during the day, so we’ll text instead of calling and knock gently instead of ringing your bell. We’ll also spray down your surfaces with high grade disinfectant before we go, to make sure surrounding areas and toys are safe to use again and we’ll leave your home smelling sweet with a complimentary Proximity Plumbing candle that wipes out those sewer smells that no one needs! & finally, if there are further works we will send through a quote that is written in plain English – as no one understands tradie lingo!

    If You need a plumber, CALL US NOW. Our Sydney Plumbers Can Find The Solution That Best Serves Your Needs.

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    Our Recent Residential Plumbing Jobs

    Water Pipe Leakage
    Water Pipe Leakage
    “Lightning fast to get my place and fix a bathroom nightmare that two order plumbers couldn’t. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
    Dee Dee - Rosebay
    5:14am 24/07/2021
    Gutter Replacement
    Gutter Replacement
    “Lightning fast to get my place and fix a bathroom nightmare that two order plumbers couldn’t. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
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    Water New Pipe Replacement
    Water New Pipe Replacement
    “Lightning fast to get my place and fix a bathroom nightmare that two order plumbers couldn’t. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
    Dee Dee - Rosebay
    6:49am 24/07/2021
    Water Pipe Replacement
    Water Pipe Replacement
    “Lightning fast to get my place and fix a bathroom nightmare that two order plumbers couldn’t. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
    Dee Dee - Rosebay
    10:40am 24/07/2021

    We Specialise In The Following Plumbing Services

    Our Master Plumbers can help you with any plumbing requirements. From repairs and replacements, through to new installations, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive plumbing service at competitive prices. So, if you’re looking for a ‘residential plumbers near me’, why not give Proximity Plumbing a call today.

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