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    Eastern Suburbs locals have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the right gas heating solution for their homes and commercial premises. As gas is becoming more popular there are so many more factors to consider when choosing the right gas heating option for your home. Rest assured our gas plumbers offer fixed pricing and superior service to ensure all work is completed at the highest standard.

    Our gas fitters in Sydney can provide a wide range of plumbing services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Even better as standard, our $0 call out fee can assist you in choosing us for your gas leak repairs for your home and your businesses to minimise the concern when choosing the right local plumber.

    If you’re reading this and you have a gas emergency, leave your gas fitting issue to a licensed professional. We recommend you locate your gas meter and try to isolate the supply and turn off the meter. If you’re unsure where your meter is located, please call one of our friendly staff who can assist you over the phone 24/7.


    Do you need any of these Urgent gas plumbing services?

    Roof Plumbing Issues Repairing gas leaks
    Roof Plumbing Issues Gas Emergencies
    Roof Plumbing Issues Adjusting Gas Pressure

    We Offer Various Gas Plumbing Services Around Sydney


    Install or Repair Gas Bayonets


    Gas Heater Service


    Installation of Gas Appliances


    General Gas Plumbing


    Gas BBQ Installations


    Gas Heater Installation

    Most Common Household Energy Source







    In Case You Smell A Gas Leak Or Think You Have A Gas Plumbing Emergency Follow These Steps.

    • 1

      Turn off all gas and electrical appliances and extinguish all pilot lights.

    • 2

      Extinguish all naked flames and lit cigarettes. Do not attempt to use a naked flame to test for a gas leak.

    • 3

      Do not attempt to start your gas stove, light any matches, or use any device or appliance that could produce a spark, including electrical and light switches or mobile phones.

    • 4

      Open all windows and doors to ventilate the gas and prevent a build-up of gas.

    • 5

      If the gas smell is coming from a gas appliance such as your gas stove or gas heater, or from a pipe connecting your gas appliance to the gas meter, turn the control valve handle at the gas meter to the off (horizontal) position (see diagram below).

    • 6

      Turn off your gas meter which will in most cases be located outside.

    How to Locate &
    Isolate Your Gas Meter

    Gas meters are usually within close proximity to the house and easily accessed by the gas meter readers. It is typically near the electricity meter and will most likely be protruding from the ground.

    One you find the meter, there is a lever that is running in the same direction as the pipe. Turn this so that it is running perpendicular to the pipe. This stops the flow of gas.

    Once you have isolated your gas meter, it’s time to call the professionals in.


    Here’s How We Can Help You as a Gas Fitter To Natural Gas

    • Initial Existing Heating and Home Inspection

    • Discussing How You and Your Family Plan To Use Your Heating

    • Advising of Both the Initial and Ongoing Costs of Gas Heating

    • Providing You With Quotes For Your Gas

    • Heating Options

    • Designing Your Gas Heating Solution

    • Ordering All Required Materials

    • Installing Your New Gas Points and Gas Heating Solution

    • Helping You Understand How To Use Your New Heater

    • Follow Up To Ensure You Are Happy With the solution

    How We Determine What Gas Service Is Right For You

    • The size of your home and the rooms you are wanting to heat.

    • The layout of your home.

    • How many levels do you have in your home?

    • Whether your home has access to natural gas or if LPG will be required.

    • How you and your family use your home over the cooler winter months.


    How Does Gas Heating Work?


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    Gas Heating works by tapping into your home’s gas mainline and using this as the primary fuel to generate heat.

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    This heat is either generated in a single location such as built-in gas log fires, gas space heaters or distributed evenly throughout your home via a network of ducts in the floor, walls, or ceiling.

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    A ducted gas heating system works by passing air over a heat exchanger. This cool air is then warmed through a gas-powered combustion system & then distributed throughout your walls, floor, or ceiling.

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    Our gas heating experts will help you choose the location and quantity of vents that pass the warm air into your home and ensure that we have chosen the right capacity gas heater to efficiently heat the room or space.

    Why Choose Proximity Plumbing For Gas Repairs & Gas Plumbing

    When it comes to Gas Heating in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Proximity Plumbing are the expert. Whether you already started researching or are completely new to gas heating options our friendly local plumbers can help you through the entire process, including from initial inspection, advising of gas heating options, designing your solutions, providing you with various quotes and options.

    At Proximity, we treat our customers like family. check out our Google reviews, we have over 425+ Google reviews.

    If you have an issue at any point in time with the workmanship carried out but one of our GAS Plumber’s we will return to the site, free of charge to resolve the issue. The gas plumbing supplies and products we use also come with large manufacturers warranties, and if there is any issue in the future, we can help you out in one simple phone call.


    Sydney Gas Plumbing Specialists Providing Complimentary Quotes. Call Us Now For Free Consultation:

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    Sydney Gas Leak Testing

    A gas bill that is excessive or inflated compared to the earlier bills or a faint lingering smell is the common indicator that you may need a gas leak detection and repairs service. If you can smell gas, you should call an emergency gas plumber to take care of the problem immediately. Emergency gas leaks must be detected and repaired as soon as you suspect an issue and should never be dismissed or left for a later date.

    If you suspect a gas fault and want to know how to detect for a gas leak before we get to the site, we recommend the soapy water leak test which allows for an easy and often obvious sign of a minor gas leak through soapy bubbles. This test is particularly useful when connecting a new gas barbeque, simply spray around the gas fittings and look out for any bubbles that may start to appear.

    As licensed gas plumbers we can locate minor leaks which are often not visible and can be located underground. You don’t need to worry though, once onsite we will complete a pressure test on the line using a tool called a manometer. This allows us to easily identify first if there is a leak and secondly and more importantly where it is located.

    Do You Have A Gas Leak?

    Why Is My Gas Bill Higher Than Usual?

    If you think you may have been charged incorrectly by your Sydney gas supplier we suggest you do this before wasting your time and calling them. In the evening before going to bed, take a meter reading and then check it again when you get up the next morning prior to turning on the appliances. If the meter reading has changed (showing an increase), it would hint that you may need a gas plumbing professional who can detect the gas leaks and repair it as soon as possible.

    You would be shocked at how many people have a gas leak and leave it unreported.


    If Your Sydney Gas Plumbing Is an issue, CALL US NOW. Our Gas Sydney Plumbers Can Find The Best Solution

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    We Specialise In The Following Services

    Our Plumbers can help you with any plumbing requirements. From repairs and replacements, through to new installations, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive plumbing service at competitive prices. So, if you’re looking for a ‘gas plumber near me">’, why not give Proximity Plumbing a call today.

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