Plumbing Facilities Management

    If you’re in building management, then you know that having professional and dependable plumbers you can rely on, is an integral part of making your day easier and your clients happier!

    For all your building management plumbing needs in Sydney, you can count on the expertise, professionalism, and great service you receive from Proximity Plumbing. We offer comprehensive communication via email, telephone & reporting to provide up to date information on the progress of the job. With larger jobs, we offer obligation free written quotes before any work is undertaken.

    Our team can also save you the hassle and time of organising appointments with tenants and homeowners by building a rapport with individuals and organising access ourselves. Once on-site, we can quickly identify the cause of the issue and more importantly diagnose whether the problem lies with the homeowner or is on common property - this is then detailed in a report along with photos to have on file.

    Maintenance is the key to your business or strata building running smoothly with minimal or no unforeseen events. Scheduled regular maintenance will keep your business or strata in the best condition possible. It will also help you manage costs as problems can be identified early to prevent larger, more costly damage or breakages.

    Proud Members Of Industry Associations

    We pride ourselves on our proactive commitment toward industry best practises. We play an active role in maintaining the highest standards throughout the plumbing and electrical industry. We have accredited members and longstanding supporters of:

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    Proximity Plumbing Facilities Management Capability Statement

    • 10x Years Of Success Within The Sydney Strata Plumbing Sector.
    • Guaranteed 30min Response Times To All Work Orders And Quote Requests.
    • 4x Full Time Office Admin Staff In The Office Taking Care Of All Strata Reporting And Liaising With Owners, Tenants And Owners Corporation.
    • $20 Million Public Liability Insurance & $10 Million Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • 10x Fully Qualified Tradesmen All With Minimum 5x Years Of Strata Plumbing Experience.
    • We Attend Strata Services Specialist Courses And Workshops In Order To Remain Informed On Current Trends And Industry Developments.
    • We Consistently Undertake Their Duties In A Professional And Efficient Way, Making Things Easier And More Convenient For All Parties Involved.
    • We Demonstrate Outstanding Commitment To Working Within Strata Schemes, Community Schemes And Title Buildings.
    • Liaise With Insurance Companies On Insurance Claimable Jobs And Provide A Summary Of Costs
    • Worksafe Licensed To Perform High Risk Work & Cm3 Registered And Compliant
    • We Have A Sound And Working Knowledge Of All Rules, Laws And Legislation Regarding Strata, Community, And Title Buildings.
    • Continually Undertake Training And Up-Skilling To Ensure Our Employees Are Abreast Of Current Trends And Innovations
    • Dedicated After Hours Support Network With Tradesmen Rostered On Between 7pm And 7am To Cover All After Ours Strata Plumbing Emergency Requests.
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    Facilities Management

    Proximity Plumbing has a long history working closely in facilities management in Sydney to ensure quality, functional plumbing services year-round for apartment complexes and buildings, big and small. As an extension of your brand, we ensure you look like the hero in the eyes of your clients by providing functional and efficient plumbing service accompanied by nice manners.

    Contact us for a chat about how we can help maintain common areas of properties. We’re committed to communicating with you throughout the process to ensure you know exactly what you should expect.

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    Building Plumbing

    Proximity Plumbing is a Husband & wife 24/7 maintenance plumbing business based in the Eastern Suburbs; we specialise in plumbing for buildings and facilities each day. Feel comfortable calling one of our friendly team members and organising the closest plumber to attend your building as quickly as possible.

    Our Proximity Plumbing team has 25+ years of industry experience, all our plumbers are fully licenced and constantly refining their skills with the latest technology and industry insights. Our trucks are equipped with the best tools and equipment to tackle any building plumbing requirement, whether it’s a private service or a large commercial complex.

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    Workplace Health & Safety

    Workplace Health & Safety is not a job at Proximity Plumbing - it’s part of our culture. Tradesmen are trained regularly in all aspects of safety to protect our clients, themselves, and the public. We are the proud winners of the MPA award for excellence in WH&S.

    Please feel free to contact us for your copy of our WH&S manual and Insurance Compliance Certificates.

    Real Estate Plumbing Specialists Providing Complimentary Quotes. Call Us Now For Free Consultation:

    0420 102 394

    Why Choose Proximity Plumbing For Your Sydney Building And Facilities Management

    Building managers want to use highly trained, reliable and professional plumbers to ensure their building keeps running smoothly and the residents are safe. At Proximity Plumbing, we are confident that our team is the best team for your building and facility plumbing needs.

    We are passionate about providing world-class customer service to all our clients for any plumbing job. With Proximity Plumbing, we promise that we are transparent with all costs involved. We will always provide you with an upfront quote, explain our suggestions and how it will fix your plumbing issue. Our plumbers ensure you are 100% happy with the work we complete for you and at the end of the job, make sure the space is clean, neat and tidy.

    We value long-term relationships and work to know each property’s unique characteristics so we can efficiently and effectively address any issues that inevitably arise over time. No more stress. No more time wasted.

    Why Choose Sydney Building

    Programmed Maintenance

    Proximity Plumbing is committed to exploring options and implementing the best possible programmed maintenance solutions for our customers. We will work with you to establish critical assets, flexible program schedules that work for and around your business needs within your budget. Customised solutions do not need to be expensive or complex. Proximity Plumbing can implement tailored programs, integrate into your asset management systems and ensure compliance with safety, environmental and quality standards.
    We aim to provide our clients with:

    • Reduction in breakdown costs by performing scheduled maintenance to reduce the chance of break downs.
    • Reduce interruptions to normal running.
    • Program works to minimise disruption to normal running.
    • Providing additional familiarity of the site and the location of services, isolation valves etc.
    • Prevention of unforeseen problems occurring from items failing including blocked drains, pits, gutters which might cause flooding etc disrupting operations.
    • Reducing water and electrical usage by identifying and rectifying leaking services, hot and cold taps/valves and toilet/urinal cisterns.
    • Overall cost reductions in maintenance programs over time
    • 100% plumbing asset compliance with legislative requirements
    • Superior environmental outcomes while ensuring efficient asset delivery and performance
    • The highest quality of safety, quality, environmental and job management systems and processes
    • Improvements to asset register accuracy and trending analysis of assets over time.

    One of our company values is to innovate and participate. It is in this way we give your business an asset performance edge over other suppliers. Our well-trained and knowledgeable staff will ensure they assess every job individually and consult with you on options and recommendations for improved asset performance and value.

    We undertake a complete and comprehensive audit that saves money and gains everyone an understanding of the level of current compliance and future needs. We can work reactively or create a program of maintenance specific to your needs and budget. Best of all, we will keep a record of any upcoming care and notify you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We will remind you when maintenance is due and coordinate an appropriate time to attend and complete. It’s so easy dealing with Proximity Plumbing.

    Programmed Maintenance

    Plumbing is an essential service. It’s mostly out of sight, and you don’t think about it, but when a plumbing issue arises, you need professional help. When a burst pipe floods your library, or there is a roof leak in one of your laboratories Reliable Plumbing have the specialist skills and knowledge to fix the issue quickly.

    Our clients know they can rely on us to respond promptly. We have a highly skilled team who understand both plumbing and the tertiary sector. We get the right mix between ensuring we allocate someone with experience at your site versus someone with expertise on the particular plumbing issue. This helps us adapt our service and spot the areas where problems are likely to arise.

    We use a strategic preventive maintenance approach to ensure our maintenance schedules create maximum use of each asset at the lowest cost. Leveraging our cloud-based asset management system, we maintain a comprehensive database of client’s assets and apply critical infrastructure models to determine the best mix of preventative actions versus reactive issues.

    We provide monthly reporting of our preventative maintenance actions and work-order activities, ensuring that the work is completed on time. To support our focus on proactive maintenance, we have invested significant time and resources into developing and customising our online integrated job management system.

    Programmed Preventative Maintenance

    Programmed Preventative Maintenance

    • Tap & Cistern Maintenance

    • Pressure Cleaning Grease And Storm Water Lines

    • Pit And Roof Cleaning

    • Pumps Installation And Servicing

    • Thermostatic Mixing Valves Testing And Servicing

    • Backflow Prevention Devices Testing And Installation

    • Hot Water Units Serviced

    • Automatic Urinal Flushing Units, Septic Tank Servicing

    • Cleaning Of Water Storage Tanks

    • Emergency Eye Wash Units Testing And Certification.

    • Whatever Your Site Specific Requires

    • Hydrant Servicing And Testing

    Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The
    Internet Believe What You Watch Instead-This Is What We Get Up To On A Daily Basis!

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