Hair Clogging Your Drain? Don’t Panic.

  • William Demirdonder
  • January 19, 2022
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If you’ve got hair clogging your drain, don’t panic! It’s pretty common, and there are a few easy ways to get the hair out of your drain and get water flowing smoothly.

The good news is that you do not have to change your routine or undertake dramatic steps to avoid your hair from clogging your drain.

At different times in our life, our hair can fall out at different rates (especially if you’re undertaking any health treatment, you are post-partum, extremely stressed or experiencing a reaction to medications). Knowing how to avoid, then fix the issue is the first step.

Keep reading our top ways to get the hair out (and keep it out) of your drain.

What Happens When Hair Blocks a Drain?

If your strands (or clumps) of hair are sliding down the drain with every wash, you will be surprised to know the truth.

When hair passes through the drain it gets easily caught up with oily residue, soap, scum and other debris that has passed through the same drain. It all gets trapped and sticks together.

Long hair, short hair, thick, and even pet hair will easily get trapped in any soap, oily or fatty deposits. Eventually, it creates nasty clumps responsible for slowing your drain’s flow rate significantly.

These deposits build up over time and become known as “fatbergs”. They’re responsible for a big percentage of all clogged drains.

You probably will not even know this is happening until a significant block occurs, or worse yet, your pipe is damaged.

Bottom line is this: You should never treat your drains like rubbish bins. We often overlook drains and don’t pay a second thought to what is being pushed down them. Out of sight, out of mind. Only, there is immense neglect taking place over months and years and most often than not, it will come back to haunt you and you’ll more than likely end up paying for a blocked drain service, or partial pipe replacement.

As far as your bathroom drains are concerned, there are several things you should always avoid putting down the drain. They are: 

  • Paper towel, “flushable” wipes and feminine hygiene products
  • Any type of plastic, bandaids, glass and cigarette butts
  • Any food particles
  • Greases and fats
  • Specific chemicals like solvents, paints, and cleaners
  • Hair! That is your hair and your pets (so no washing the dog in the bathtub).

Simple Solutions to Avoid Hair Clogging Your Drain

Some ideas that can help you prevent the headache of clogged drains due to hair deposits are as follows:

  • Brush Your Hair Before Having a Shower
    A simple trick is to brush your hair right before going to the shower. Especially when you have long hair, a thorough brushing can help in shaking out all loose hair that might otherwise block your bathroom drain.
  • Use a Hair Catcher
    Just like you use a food scrap catcher for your kitchen sink, you can use a hair catcher for your bathroom sink or bathtub sink. There are several types and models available out there. As your hair will run down the drain along with water, it will get trapped around the catcher. You can easily remove the same later on.

  • Pull Out Debris At Least Once a Week
    You can make use of a bent coat hanger with a hook to snag all the debris accumulated in the drain pipes. If your drain is not removable, you can make use of tweezers for getting access to the stubborn ropes of hair.
  • Regularly Clean Your Drains
    You can regularly clean your drains with a natural solution that you most likely have in the house already (see more below).
  • Reach for Professional Help
    When your instant fixes and maintenance techniques do not do the trick, it is time to reach out for professional help. A professional plumber can carry out the in-depth clean-out for keeping the drains clean.

How to Try DIY Drain Hair Removal

Thankfully, unlike most other clogs, hair clogging your drain tends to be an easy fix. Many times, these problems can be fixed on your own with a few methods.

Here are some DIY hair cleaning tips to unclog your bathroom drains:

  • Boiling WaterOne of the main reasons why hair gets stuck in the drains is due to the build-up of soap and grease inside the pipes. These materials grab huge chunks of hair – ultimately building more with time and leading to a clog. An easy way to do away with the same is with the help of boiling water. Just boil water in a pot and pour down the same through the drain. Boiling water helps in breaking down the soap and grease –releasing hair and allowing it to flush down the drain pipes.

  • Use a Combination of Vinegar and Bi-Carb SodaThe combination of vinegar and Bi-Carb soda is a safe and eco-friendly solution, delivering the same results as that of chemical-based cleaners.Pour down a cup of  Bi-Carb soda down the drain clogged with hair, followed by a cup of vinegar. The bi-carb will ‘sizzle’ up and lead to a chemical reaction helping with cleaning the drains and removing hair clogs. Follow the procedure with a rush of hot water down the pipes to clear away any residue.

    This method can be done routinely to ensure your drain’s health.

  • Drain Hanger or Plumber’s Snake

    The simplest procedure is usually the most effective when it comes to unclogging drains due to hair accumulation. You can simply consider grabbing out hair chunks if it is not too far down into the drain. You can use a plumber’s snake or a drain hanger for the purpose. The long, flexible pipe features a small claw at its one end. It is a handy tool for clearing drains easily.Simply insert the tool down the drain. As you reach the obstacle, you can grab and pull out the same. You can also use a wire hanger for taking out hair from the drains. It can be converted into a hook for serving the same purpose as a claw.

If you do not have the time nor inclination: Call A Plumber! 

If none of the methods to clear your hair clogging your drain are sufficient OR you just don’t want to get dirty – reach out now to your local, trusty plumbing. Calling out to a licenced plumber can help you get the job done right the first time and quickly: they bring in their expertise, essential tools and faster solutions.

A reliable plumbing company is dedicated to offering exceptional services with great quality and professionalism. With the use of the right plumbing tools and technologies, professional plumbers are able to unclog all types of drain blockages – including hair clogs. They’ll also investigate any drain or pipe issues that you may not be aware of.

For help with your hair clogged drain now, call our team at Proximity Plumbing on 0420 102 394. We offer a $0 call out fee to our local, Sydney clients and are the trusted plumbing team in the eastern suburbs. Check out our google reviews here.

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