Help! I Have A Leak In My Roof

  • William Demirdonder
  • Sep 01, 2021
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Help! I Have A Leak In My Roof

“There’s a leak in my roof!”
Words we often hear as professional plumbers! We’re Not Going To Sugar Coat It – A Leak In Your Roof Is Not The Best.

Water will find a way in through any compromised spots in your roof and create a leak in your roof. This can wreak havoc on your ceilings and walls, furnishings, appliances and (if it’s been left a while) can compromise your home’s structural integrity.

Even a small, consistent water leak, over time, will create significant damage. Plus the longer the leak is left, the more you increase the risk of mold, wood rot and termites.

So if you have a known leak, the time to deal with it is NOW.

How Does A Leak In My Roof Start?

  • Rust on your tin roof.
  • Mortar crumbling in between roof tiles.
  • The ‘flashing’ on your roof is faulty or broken.
  • Poor conditions, broken or full gutters.
  • Poor installation of chimneys or sky lights, creating cracks.
  • Collected condensation within your attic space.
  • A heavy storm breaking down a section of your roof.

How Do I Fix A Leak In My Roof?

You can search roof plumber near me. or You call a professional, local plumber and we inspect your home, investigate the cause of the leak, the extent of the damage and provide solutions to fix it for you.

Whether you need gutters replaced; retiling, sheeting replaced or something else, we can stop the leak, repair the damage and investigate your home for signs of water damage the leak may have caused and provide solutions.

Is A Leak A Sign Of A Massive Problem?

Yes, and no. Most of the time, a leak in your roof can be spot repaired and once the source of the leak is discovered it can be fixed easily, without a whole-roof repair. However, the longer a leak is left, the more time it has to wreak havoc on your home’s interior and structure.

Also, some leaks have been dripping for a long time before they start to cause noticeable damage, so the sooner you are able to call a local plumber to investigate, the better.

Is It Expensive To Fix?

The expense of fixing your roof leak is dependent on how big and damaging the leak has become. If you have a leak in your roof now, please call our friendly team and provide a few details over the phone. We provide a $0 and can have a crew on site within 30 minutes (within the eastern suburbs).

Once we investigate the cause of the leak and the possible solutions, our quoting onsite is explained to you in easy-to-understand terms and we have a flat rate system so you don’t need to be watching the clock.

How Long Does It Take To Fix?

The length of time to repair a leak is completely dependant on the amount of damage the leak has caused, and the root cause of the problem. At Proximity Plumbing, our eastern suburbs crew are available for you 24 hours, 7 days a week to repair the leak. We give an on-site in 30 minutes guarantee for the eastern suburbs so if you have a leak in your roof now, don’t delay – call us on 0420 102 394 now.

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