Help – I Just Lost My Ring Down The Drain! What Can I Do To Get It Back

  • William Demirdonder
  • Oct 08, 2020
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Help – I Just Lost My Ring Down The Drain! What Can I Do To Get It Back

Remember – if you need a plumber in Sydney, our team is ready to assist.

We guarantee to be on-site within 30 minutes (within the eastern suburbs) and our plumbers are equipped with the tools to retrieve your belongings.

Call our friendly team now on 0420 102 394 to book a service.

That sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize your wedding band, engagement ring or special diamond ring has slipped off your hand and down the drain is not one to forget!

The best thing to do right away is not panic, and stop all water flowing down the drain you just saw your ring disappear into.

Hopefully, the ring is resting in the trap under the sink. The trap is a U-shaped portion of pipe designed to trap liquid or gas to prevent unwanted flow. Commonly known as the S-bend or P-trap.

Here are some tips on how to retrieve your ring from the drain 

  • Do not run any more water down the drain.
  • Get under the sink, place a bucket under the trap.
  • Check if the trap has an access plug and if it does, you can pull out the plug and let the water flow into the bucket.
  • After all the water has stopped draining from the trap, search for the lost ring!
  • Replace the plug and turn the water on to check there are no leaks.

If your trap does not have a plug it will most likely take a professional, local plumber (like us) to open up the trap with wrenches and search for your lost ring.

In the case that your ring has been accidentally flushed down the toilet, call a plumber asap and don’t flush the toilet again.

If the ring is not easily seen, we can always use the same technology we use to investigate blocked pipes and drains – CCTV to determine if the ring is sitting further along in your pipes.

Our team understands how valuable and sentimental jewelry can be so we definitely will do our best to ensure we find your lost item.

Please call our team right now on 0420 102 394 and we can assist over the phone until our team arrives.

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