How To Find An Underground Water Leak

  • William Demirdonder
  • Dec 22, 2023
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Underground Water Leak

If you see a mysterious increase in your water bill, spot unexplained damp patches in your yard or hear the sound of running water where it shouldn't be, you might be dealing with an underground water leak. Unlike visible leaks, these sneaky water leaks can wreak havoc beneath the surface, causing structural damage. 

In this article, we will empower you to tackle the issue head-on by telling you how to effectively find an underground water leak. Get ready to transform from a water leak detective novice to a seasoned pro!

How to find the underground water leak location

Follow the steps below to do a thorough underground water leak detection

1. Investigate your water bill

Begin your investigation by analysing your water bill. A sudden, unexplained spike could indicate a hidden leak, prompting the need for underground water leak detection. Compare your current water usage patterns with past bills. A significant deviation might mean there’s a burst pipe somewhere.

2. Check your yard

Keep an eye on your yard for damp or unusually wet patches as these areas might reveal the underground water leak location. Lush and thriving vegetation in a specific area could also be a possible burst pipe location as leaking water provides the perfect conditions for plant growth.

3. Listen closely

Take a quiet moment in your yard to see if you can hear a subtle hissing or gurgling sound. This will lead you to the underground water leak location. If you have pipes under your floors, a stethoscope can also amplify faint sounds and aid you in pinpointing the source of the leak. Move the chest piece of the stethoscope methodically across the floor to zero in on the problem.

4. Monitor your meter

Turn off all water-consuming appliances and note the meter reading. If it's still ticking, you may have an underground water leak. You should also use the isolation valve to shut off water to different sections of your property. A change in the meter reading can help narrow down the burst pipe location.

5. Bring in the experts

Utilise the expertise of professional plumbers equipped with advanced underground water leak detection tools like acoustic devices, infrared cameras and ground microphones. Consider scheduling regular preventive inspections. Professionals can identify potential leaks before they escalate, saving you from costly repairs.

6. Use DIY leak detection kits

Get a leak detection kit to further locate an elusive underground water leak. DIY leak detection kits often include dye tablets. Place one in your toilet tank. If colour appears in the bowl without flushing, it may indicate a silent leak. Also, conduct a pressure test by attaching a pressure gauge to your outdoor spigot. A drop in pressure could signify an underground water leak.

Quick remedies for underground water leaks

Discovering an underground water leak is undoubtedly a cause for concern, but there are a few quick remedies you can employ while awaiting professional assistance:

  • Shut off the water supply — Locate your main water shut-off valve and turn it off immediately. This will halt the flow of water and prevent further damage.
  • Release excess pressure — Open outdoor faucets and hose bibs to release any remaining water pressure in the pipes. This can alleviate stress on the burst pipe location.
  • Contain the damage — Use buckets or containers to collect excess water. If possible, direct the water away from your home's foundation to minimise potential structural damage.

Proximity Plumbing — your underground water leak detection experts

When it comes to underground water leak detection, Proximity Plumbing stands out as your go-to expert. Here's why you should choose us:

  • Cutting-edge technology — We employ advanced technology like nitrogen gas detection to pinpoint the underground water leak location accurately.
  • Professional services — Our team of skilled plumbers not only detects leaks but also provides comprehensive services to fix and prevent underground water leaks. From identifying burst pipe locations to preventive inspections, we've got the expertise.
  • Service you can trust — With Proximity Plumbing, you're not just getting a service; you're getting a reliable partner committed to ensuring the integrity of your property.

Whether you live in the Eastern Suburbs, South East Sydney, the Lower North Shore, the Upper North Shore or other areas in New South Wales, we are here to serve you with our underground water leak detection and professional plumbing services. Don't let an underground water leak wreak havoc on your property. Choose Proximity Plumbing for expert, prompt solutions you can count on.

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