How To Remove Drain Flies

  • William Demirdonder
  • December 26, 2020
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Do you have a smelly, noisy, or overflowing drain?

Yep, it’s probably a blocked drain!

If left untreated, blocked drains can cause some serious damage to your home and pipes. So you want to unblock that drain ASAP and get things flowing smoothly. Here are some fast and easy solutions to help unblock your drain yourself:

Here are 5 simple solutions to try and unblock a drain yourself:

Good old’ fashioned boiling water

Put the kettle on Jan!

To loosen up any build-up of grime or grease, get that water boiling. Boiling water is a great first step to try and unblock your drain, and you can’t get more eco-friendly than H20. Best not to use boiling water on PVC pipes, only use on metal or ceramic pipes. For PVC pipes you can use plain hot water.

Baking soda and vinegar

Another excellent eco-friendly option. Start by pouring some boiling water down the blocked drain then pour half a cup of baking soda and leave for a few minutes before pouring a cup of vinegar down the drain. Let it sit and fizz up and hopefully clear out the residue that’s blocking things up. Finish with another cup of boiling water. You can read more about this method here.

Try a plunger

For those drains, sinks, or toilets with a physical blockage (something you know is stuck) it’s time to take the plunge. Get those elbows pumping and use a plunger to ‘bring up’ anything that’s blocking the drain. Plunging can get messy to be prepared with some drop sheets or rags to clean up any mess.

Invest in a drain snake

A drain snake is a more invasive tool but can do the job of unblocking your drain quickly. For more stubborn blockages you may have to repeat the process multiple times. You can find these at your local bunnings or hardware store.

Buy a chemical drain cleaner

At your local hardware store, you’ll be able to find chemical drain cleaning solutions. Please read the label and instructions carefully before use.

Blocked drains can be a simple fix and hopefully, one of our tips helps you out! However, blocked drains can be a warning of an underlying issue and if a blocked drain is not cleared it could render a bathroom or kitchen inoperable quickly.

At Proximity Plumbing, we are blocked drain experts and we’re here to help with all your emergency plumbing needs. So if you’d like a super-fast fix to any blocked drain call us today on 0420 102 394 for a free quote. Plus we guarantee to be on-site within Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in 30 minutes.

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