How To Prevent A Blocked Drain in 2021

  • William Demirdonder
  • December 28, 2020
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If you’ve got a blocked drain, you know how painfully frustrating it is. Here are some tips to prevent drain blockages from occurring at your property: We’re talking about one of our favorite topics – preventative plumbing! One of the most regular plumbing jobs our eastern suburbs team gets called out to do is unclog a blocked drain.

And most of these jobs are avoidable with regular checks and proper drain maintenance –  AKA preventative plumbing.

Regularly Clean Plug-Holes In Bathrooms And Kitchen

These two rooms in your home are prone to the most amount of debris clogging your drains. In the bathroom, the main culprit is hair. You may think that a little bit every now and again won’t hurt but let me tell you…. it all adds up! In the kitchen, how often would food scraps, oil, and dirt find their way down your drain? It would be worth investing in a strainer plug to stop this from entering your drain.

Don’t Flush Foreign Objects Down The Toilet

Foreign objects consist of sanitary products, wipes, nappies, and paper towels. Even if these products claim to be flushable, we highly recommend avoiding flushing them. They are unable to break down in drains and cause blocked drains very frequently to occur. Placing a small bin beside your toilet could be a worthwhile solution.

Avoid Putting Food Scraps Down The Drain

Do you know what food is the biggest culprit for clogging drains? RICE! Before cleaning your dishes, scrape all food scraps into the bin and then wash. I know it’s far easier to rinse them, but you’re clearly reading this article for a reason…

Don’t Put Coffee Grounds Down The Sink

I must admit, I am guilty of this sometimes. A combination of coffee grounds, oil, and grease is a recipe for disaster. There are many better ways to dispose of your coffee grounds, including putting them in the bin, a worm compost, or even your garden. Coffee grounds act as a fertilizer for your garden so why waste putting them down your drain?

Don’t Dispose Of Grease And Oil Down The Drain

This is a big no-no. It may seem innocent when you do it whilst washing your dishes, but in cold temperatures, these oils will harden and turn into lumps which can contribute to blocked drains.

Tips To Disposing Of Grease And Oil:

  1. Put oils straight in the bin
  2. Dispose of oils in an old jar and then throw the filled jar in the bin
  3. Put oil in the fridge or freezer until it solidifies, and then dispose of it in the bin (this may be the most effective/tidy way.

Following these simple steps and forging some new habits, you will be on the way to preventing your drains from unwanted blockages.


  1. Keep Grease And Oil Out Of Your Drains

Instead of clogging your drains up with that excess oil from your can of tuna, it’s recommended to dispose of it in a container to throw out with the weekly rubbish.

Although both grease and oil seem harmless, both harden once they enter your pipes and will build up over time. Other forms of debris can also build up with greater ease, more likely to cause you a blockage

2. Use A Sink Strainer

If used correctly, these are a fantastic asset. They will stop any forms of debris from entering your drains, such as scraps of food, hair, and dirt. This enables you to dispose of this debris in your rubbish, as opposed to down your drain

3. Only Flush Toilet Paper Down The Toilet

No exceptions! Things such as paper towels, wipes, and sanitary items will be too heavy for the toilet and plumbing system to handle. A suggestion to avoid this from happening is to add a small rubbish bin beside the toilet for these materials

4. Every Week, Pour Some Boiling Water Down Your Drain

This will help to break down debris that has built up in your drain, helping to prevent blocked drains from occurring. If you have a blocked drain that boiling water can’t seem to solve, you will most likely be in need of a plumber. If that is the case, feel free to contact the friendly team at Proximity Plumbing.


  1. First things first. Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. And we mean anything.
  2. Regularly clean your drains. Cleaning your drains takes all of 5 minutes and you can effectively and safely clean your drains with 3 simple household staples: hot water, bi-carb soda, and vinegar. To read more about how to clean your drains using this method.
  3. Be mindful of what you’re putting down the drains. Any food scraps, ground coffee, tea leaves, fats and oils from cooking, and other debris should be put in the bin, not down the drain. Oil and grease may seem harmless when you’re doing the washing up but over time they will solidify and build up in your pipes, creating blockages (and nasty smells).
  4. Use a drain strainer to collect any small bits of food and rubbish. This will save your pipes from becoming unnecessarily blocked with goods that should be in the bin, not down the drain.
  5. Resist the urge to push any hair down the bathroom sink. Use a bin in the bathroom for any hair debris. This is the main culprit for bathroom drain blockages and is so easily avoidable!
  6. Teach your kids about what does (and does not) go down the drain!


If left unchecked, blocked drains can create some serious plumbing problems! If you find yourself in a plumbing jam with a blocked drain, our Proximity Plumbing team is ready to help. We do not charge overtime for last-minute or unexpected emergencies.

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