How To Use A Plunger

  • William Demirdonder
  • December 28, 2020
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Any blocked drains, showers, or toilets you need to clear ASAP? Your trusty plunger will be your best friend! Choosing the right plunger for the job and knowing how to use it effectively will help you in any blocked drain situations. Plus, it’s the fastest and cheapest way to unblock a drain, sink, or toilet.


Best for flat surfaces, this plunger is a simple, straight wooden handle and rubber cup.

The Flange Plunger


Step 1: Submerge the plunger cup with water. Make sure enough water is present in the basin to cover the cup of the plunger. This will create a vacuum seal that will help the plunger unblock the drain.

Step 2: Seal off overflow holes and drains. Sinks and bath normally have an overflow hole. Try to cover them with an old rag to avoid air entering the pipes

Step 3:
Get rid of any air from the plunger. Tip the plunger to one side and plunge a couple of times to get rid of any air. To improve the suction, creating a tighter seal by lining the rim of the cup with a small amount of petroleum jelly.

Step 4: Use those muscles and start plunging. Position the cup of the plunger vertically over the drain hole or toilet and begin to plunge in a vertical motion. Even pressure onto the handle is necessary. Push down on the handle gently at first forcing the air out.

Continue plunging with quick and deliberate thrusts, directing the pressure down the drain without lifting the plunger enough to break the seal.

Step 5: Pull and clear. Pull the plunger slowly away from where you are plunging and clear any debris.

Step 6:  Clean. When you’re finished using the plunger to unclog the block, make sure you clean it. Use gloves to clean the plunger in a strong cleaning solution and leave it to dry. Rinse the toilet, sink, drain or shower flushing or running water through.

If you’re experiencing chronically blocked drains, showers, or, toilets there may be a bigger problem, and having an expert, licensed plumber take a look could end up saving you money down the track. So, call us on 0420 102 394 for a free quote. Plus, we guarantee to be on-site within the eastern suburbs in 30 minutes!

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