My Shower Is Taking Forever To Heat Up, What’s The Cause

  • William Demirdonder
  • Dec 26, 2020
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My Shower Is Taking Forever To Heat Up, What’s The Cause

Why does it take so long for a shower to heat up?

This is a common problem with many potential causes including:

  • Distance from shower & Hot Water Unit (HWU)
  • Type of HWU
  • Age of HWU
  • Size of HWU
  • Size of pipes to HWU
  • Climate/Season

Insulating your pipes has the potential to alleviate this issue, whilst also saving you energy, as the pipes (and water in the pipes) will be kept warmer for longer. Another solution could be to install a circulation pump to assist hot water in getting around your property efficiently. If you are having any issues with your hot water supply then reach out to our experts for friendly advice and a free quote for repair or replacement.

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