5 Reasons You Should Definitely Call Our Plumbing Services

  • William Demirdonder
  • December 26, 2020
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Five Major Reasons To Call A Plumber – Fast!

If you have a niggling plumbing problem but don’t know whether it’s serious enough to warrant a call out from your local plumber you may be surprised to know that most plumbing emergencies are preventable if they’re dealt with early.

You may even have a plumbing emergency on your hands right now and not know it!

By looking out for warning signs your plumbing system is on the fritz and calling a plumber near you to take a look – you can save valuable time and money and forgo the plumbing emergency.

So if you find yourself with any of the following plumbing issues, it’s time to call the pros!

  1. You smell sewage or see a sewage leak.

    A ‘smelly’ toilet pipe or drain pipe with a distinctive stench points to a major sewer line issue. The sewer line carries all the wastewater from your toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines away from the house. So if the sewer line is broken somewhere it must be found and replaced immediately to prevent damage to your property.

  2. You have no water.

    If the water suddenly stops flowing or the water pressure drops to non-existent – call a plumber immediately. It’s unusual for water to stop running all together so you can check both the hot and cold water taps around the house to see if the issue is localised to one area. If they’re all not running, you may have a serious burst pipe which is stopping water being delivered to your property and you need a professional plumber on hand ASAP.

  3. You have no hot water. 

    Hot water heaters come with a myriad of issues and it’s best to leave the fixing of hot water heaters to a licensed plumber. Smelling gas around the heater; a leak in the pipes to or from the heater; strange noises coming from the heater – all point to the system needing an expert on hand. Read more about when it’s time to replace your hot water system here. ((LINK to “5 reasons why it’s time to replace your hot water system”))

    Use common sense with this one, if you’ve been filling up bathtubs of hot water all morning or consistently running a hot water washing machine give your system a chance to catch up. If there’s been no unusual hot water use and there’s no hot water running at all – call a plumber.

  4. You have a consistent blocked drain or toilet.

    If you’re keeping the plunger beside the toilet because you’re needing it so often –  there may be a bigger issue at play! Consistent blocked toilets and drains are a sign of an underlying, larger plumbing problem. The sooner you have a professional plumber take a look, the sooner you’ll be able to have it fixed (potentially avoid a disaster, emergency plumbing situation).

  1. You have consistent leaks.

    If you’re aware of a leak in your roof or ceiling or you have a random leak that’s popped up somewhere in the house please call a plumber ASAP. Usually by the time water has found its way through your home’s structure and is dripping on the floor you have a major issue on your hands. So put away the buckets and call a licensed plumber.If you have a small leak coming from a dripping pipe, or the shower still leaks when turned off, you should get a plumber to take a look and make sure it’s not a bigger issue. When leaks are left alone, that’s when you can see the classic “a pipe has burst and I’m standing in 4 inches of water” scenario. Not common, but it can happen!

A regular Tuesday morning can turn into an emergency plumbing situation real fast if you encounter any of the five issues we’ve listed in this article. If you’re looking for what to do in a plumbing emergency, click here for more information. ((Link to article “Help I have a plumbing emergency – what do I do?”))

If you’re in the middle of a plumbing problem right now, please call our team on 0420 102 394. We guarantee to be on-site within the eastern suburbs in 30 minutes and will be able to help you immediately. We do not inflate prices for emergency plumbing situations and will be able to provide over-the-phone assistance until our plumbers arrive on site.

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