Pipe Relining Cost – Is It Worth It?

  • William Demirdonder
  • December 28, 2020
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What Is Pipe Relining, And Is It Worth Relining My Pipes?

Simply put, Pipe Relining creates a pipe within the existing pipe. At Proximity Plumbing, we use a two-part epoxy that’s pulled through the pipe and expanded to leave a hard fibreglass shell that can’t be penetrated by roots.

These new pipe lining systems are up to 4 times stronger than a new PVD pipe and is perfect for sewer pipe repair.

Pipe relining is the best solution for repairing difficult and damaged pipes. Known as a “no dig” solution and considerably less impactful than any other pipe repair options.

It’s quiet, quick and clean, which is why it’s becoming the go-to service for our eastern suburbs clients who are looking for a long term solution that won’t disrupt the home or garden.

Read more about pipe relining here.

Are Small Leaks In My Pipes Really A Big Deal?

The problem with small leaks in pipes is that they provide a perfect place for pesky tree roots to infiltrate your system.

Roots become attracted to pre-existing leaks in pipes due to the nutrient-rich water source that passes through them.

Once inside, the roots thrive and grow exponentially, often causing much more damage than the existing leak.

This is when you definitely need a professional, local plumber – preferably one that is a relining specialist (like us, at Proximity Plumbing).

What Causes A Leak?

Several factors including the degradation of the rubber seals in earthenware pipes, ground movement or impact from construction in the area.

Why Does Proximity Plumbing Recommend Pipe Relining?

When we reline your pipes, we completely seal the pipe, so there are no leaks, no roots, no problem.

But the real kicker is the materials that we use; epoxy liner is considerably stronger than the commonly used PVC pipes and due to it being seamless, there are no opportunities for roots to exploit weaknesses such as joins and seals.

Meaning your new relined plumbing is unlikely to cause you any problems for a good-long-while.

What Are The Advantages Of Pipe Relining?

  • No digging or excavation required.
  • Faster and more affordable than open construction.
  • 4 x stronger than a standard PVC pipe
  • Our piping has a 50 year life expectancy.
  • Works for sewer pipe repair as well as stormwater, earthenware, copper asbestos, PVC and cast-iron pipes.
  • Guaranteed for 35 years
  • Keeps out all tree roots.
  • Reduced impact on the environment.

Is Pipe Relining Expensive?

The price of the job will depend on factors such as accessibility, risk, the size of the pipe work, the length of the problem area and number of junctions.

To provide an accurate quote, a site inspection is mandatory which includes a CCTV camera audit.

Talk to our friendly team today about pipe relining!

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