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    Need To Repair Your Roof Plumbing? Why Call Any Plumber When You Can Have Sydney's Roof Plumbing Specialist?

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    Roof Plumbing or rainwater redirection should protect your home from leaks during rain, hail, and storms. It is a combination of many elements including roofing materials such as tile, slate, or Colourbond, as well as other key components of a roof, such as pointing, flashing, and guttering. The team at Proximity Plumbing can help you with a wide range of roof and guttering issues and have been helping Eastern Suburbs residents with their roof plumbing problems for over ten years.

    As we know the Roof Plumbing can be dangerous, so it is important that you call a professional roof plumber any time work needs to be done on your roof. More often than not, roof and gutter leaks are simple to repair and not too expensive, however, the potential to damage your roof or yourself by attempting DIY is high. If you suspect you have a roof plumbing problem, reach out to one of our experts to request an obligation-free assessment and quote.

    Are You Experiencing These Roof Plumbing Issues?

    Roof Plumbing Issues A heavy storm breaking down a section of your roof.
    Roof Plumbing Issues The ‘flashing’ on your roof is faulty or broken.
    Roof Plumbing Issues Poor conditions, broken or full gutters.

    So when do you need a roof plumber?

    Roof plumbing can be dangerous, so it is important that you call a professional any time work needs to be done on your roof. More often than not, roof and gutter leaks are simple to repair and not too expensive, however the potential to damage your roof or yourself by attempting DIY is high. If you suspect you have a roof plumbing problem, reach out to one of our experts to request an obligation free assessment and quote.

    Roofing and guttering are unique to each home or building. To design a watertight roofing system that protects your family from the elements, we first need to evaluate the footprint of your home. Roofing and guttering are a key part of the design of your home and when designed and installed by a professional will last for decades with little to no maintenance. Unless your roof has been damaged by a storm there should be minimal maintenance required to keep your roof in top shape.


    We Specialise In All Areas Of Roof Plumbing Service, Including:

    • Design and Installation of Roof Guttering and Drainage Systems.

    • Measure, Quote, Manufacture and Installation of Downpipes and stormwater management systems.

    • Installation and Repair of flashing, joints, gutters and stop ends.

    • Rainwater collection for recycling.

    • Termination of stormwater drains at your homes or buildings street kerb.

    • Roof Leak Repairs.

    • Mould and Mildew Source and Repair.

    • Broken or Damaged Roof Coverings, such as Colourbond or terracotta tile.

    • Design Install and Repair Roof Guttering and Drainage.

    • Gutter cleaning.


    Roof Repairs Sydney

    Sydney Roof leaks are something that is often left unattended until a sudden downpour, It’s better to be proactive than reactive, leaky roofs never fix themselves or get better on their own. Water will find a way in through any compromised spots in your roof and can wreak havoc on your ceilings and walls, furnishings, appliances and (if it’s been left a while) can compromise your home’s structural integrity. Even a small, consistent water leak, over time, will create significant damage.

    detection sydney

    Roof Leak Detection Sydney

    Knowing if you have a roof leak can be difficult, especially if it’s coming from a hidden source. Even small signs of a leak can be clues to a much bigger issue. By engaging proximity plumbing your Sydney roof leak detection experts, you’ll be able to ensure the safety of your home and property by taking the measures required to carry out adequate and thorough inspections and repairs now. Repairing a problem such as a leak as soon as it is spotted is the key difference in a small repair bill and a major bill.


    Blocked Gutters & Downpipes

    Gutter cleaning is essential if you want to save yourselves from expensive roof repairs. A little money spent now can save you a lot in the future. Like most things in life, a little TLC for your gutters now saves big bucks in the long run. Regular gutter cleaning is an integral part of maintaining your home and should never be neglected. Properly maintained, your gutter system should last 20-50 years and should never leak or block up.

    Something so simple as a clogged gutter can put your home at risk of damage every time it rains. Try checking your gutters on a monthly basis to ensure they’re efficiently draining stormwater away from your roof. A professional gutter cleaner may seem pricey but consider how expensive it would be if you left your clogged gutter problems unchecked. Repairing or replacing your roofing is more expensive than booking the services of a gutter cleaner.

    When you’re ready for gutter cleaning Sydney, contact proximity plumbing we can set up recurring jobs for your property to ensure your gutters are always clean, clear, and functioning. This saves you from having to remember when your gutters are due to be cleaned and you won’t have to worry each time a storm is predicted to roll through.

    Our Roof Plumbing Services


    Roof Restoration Sydney


    Roof Repairs Sydney


    Roof Replacement Sydney


    Roof Pointing Sydney


    Roof Cleaning Sydney


    Metal Roofing Sydney


    Re Roofing Sydney


    Roof Maintenance Sydney


    Asbestos Roof Removal Sydney

    What’s Involved With Roof Plumbing?


    Repair Roof Leaks

    Repairing Sydney roof leaks is simple when you choose a Master Plumber like proximity plumbing to get the job done right. Our Sydney roofing specialists provide fast, roof repair services across the Eastern suburbs. If you notice any dampness or obvious signs of leaks in your ceiling avoid further expense and damage by calling our emergency roof plumber hotline and speak to an expert right now. Once onsite our qualified Sydney roofers will provide a proper assessment and a detailed quote with multiple options that can assists in resolving your roof leaks.


    Rain Collection For Water Recycling

    Most Eastern Suburbs homes now have rainwater tanks in order to help collect and recycle one of our most precious resources. Rain water tanks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so you can be sure that no matter what type of property you own, or the space available there is a rain water tank to suit your needs. Proximity plumbing are experts at helping you choose the right rainwater tank for your home, and can take care of sourcing, installing and connecting the rain water tank to your existing guttering and rain water run off system.


    Roof Plumbing Inspection & Quote

    Once you have made contact with us, we will booking a time for one of our friendly roof plumbing experts to come to your home and discuss the various options you have when it comes to installing or repairing a roof. We will undertake a thorough inspection of your roof, both internally and externally. At this point we will explain an issues or repairs that need to be considered and provide you with a quote to get the job done.


    Ordering Roof Plumbing Supplies

    In most cases, our Proximity Plumbing fleet of vans is fully stocked with everything we need to take care of most common roof plumbing problems. If there is something we need to order specifically for your job, we will reach out to our plumbing suppliers and wholesalers, check availability of stock, and if needed order the part and pick it up as soon as possible.


    Roof Plumbing Appointment

    Once we have everything we need to get the job done, we will attend your home or office at a prearranged time to carry out the works. Most jobs can be sorted within a couple of hours and in emergency situations we can be onsite through Sydney’s Eastern and Northern suburbs within 30 minutes.


    Safety & Compliance

    At Proximity Plumbing, the safety of our team and clients is number one. We understand the risks and dangers that are associated with working at heights and enforce a very strict adherence with WHS guidelines provided by the NSW government. When you choose Proximity, you know you are dealing with professional master plumbers and that your family and property will be protected.

    Sydney Roof Repairs Expert Providing Complimentary Quotes. Call Us Now For Free Consultation:

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    residentail plumbing

    Residential Roof Plumbing in Sydney

    From time to time, any roof will need some plumbing maintenance - and for your safety, it’s best you leave it for a professional roof plumber. Regular gutter maintenance and cleaning, roof leak repair, skylight repair and installation, chimney repair, roof flashing, rainwater tank installation - it’s all a part of general roof plumbing and all need expert hands.

    Our team at Proximity Plumbing are an expert at roof plumbing and installing roof fixtures. Our plumbers have years of roof plumbing experience, servicing clients all over the eastern suburbs. We will be able to fix whatever leak your roof may have and investigate the cause and extent of your leak plus help you prepare for the prevention of future leaks.

    Repairing roof leaks, clogged gutters and installing skylights and rainwater tanks are all best left to experienced, licensed plumbers. Our friendly team is ready to answer your questions and book a roof plumbing job for you today.

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    Commercial Roof Plumbing

    Proximity Plumbing has the experience and skills to work on commercial roof plumbing projects. Our team is licensed and equipped to undertake commercial roof repairs work on small, medium, and large properties. Your commercial building may be home to a business, factory, or warehouse. Our team can repair any roof plumbing issue with minimal disruption to your property and have the area safe and work-ready in no time. Our experienced Rplumbers work to the highest standards possible, using the best tools available and quality material. Call us today for a quote and one of our team can be on-site within the eastern suburbs within 30 minutes to assess your commercial property.

    Our Services Include

    Why Choose Us For Roof Plumbing Needs?

    At Proximity Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading plumbing advice, service, and support to our Eastern Suburbs clients. From Points Point, through to Clovelly, Bondi and beyond, our vans are on the road right now fully stocked with the equipment, tools, experience, and knowledge to ensure that we give you the best roof plumbing advice. We are experts in a wide range of roof plumbing problems and have an intimate knowledge of how to fix any roof plumbing issue.

    • No Obligation Free Quotes.

    • Over A Thousand + Successful Service For Clients Within The Eastern Suburbs.

    • One Of Few Plumbers Who Successful Carry Out Relining For Other Plumbers.

    • We provide you with the recommendations to remedy the problem.

    • We discuss their options for immediate works if required.

    • We provide annual inspections and ongoing maintenance on our completed works so they know that their investment is safe.

    Emergency Roof Repairs Service

    If you are experiencing a roof leak now, finding yourself in the middle of a storm with a leaking roof is more common that you think. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Proximity Plumbing team as it’s extremely important a roof leak is dealt with swiftly to minimise the impact to your property and belongings.

    As we run a 24/7 emergency roof repair service in Sydney you can call us any time of the day or night. We will send you a fully qualified tradesman who can provide emergency tarps to secure the property from water damage until the roof can be fully repaired

    Whilst a leak in your roof may seem like a minor issue if it’s not fixed ASAP that leak can become a major problem, causing damage to your interior, electricals, belongings and even the structural integrity of your home or property.

    Our friendly team of licensed, expert plumbers are able to be on-site within 30 minutes in the eastern suburbs. We can assess the damage to your roof, investigate the leak and provide solutions on how to fix your roof leak today.

    If Your Roof Causing Concern, CALL US NOW. Our Sydney Roofing Plumbers Can Find The Solution That Best Serves Your Needs.

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    We Specialise In The Following Services

    Our Plumbers team can help you with any plumbing requirements. From repairs and replacements, through to new installations, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive plumbing service at competitive prices. So, if you’re looking for a ‘roof plumber near me’, why not give Proximity Plumbing a call today.

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