Point Piper Roof Leak Repair

  • William Demirdonder
  • July 10, 2020
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We were called to the prestigious Point Piper after a large apartment block was experiencing multiple leaks throughout the building creating damages to the interiority of the ceilings & fixed cabinetry, in order to investigate the issue we were required to use safety equipment & large ladders to get access to the roof to investigate the issue further.


Once access was gained we were required to look for any obvious issues- eg: blocked gutters by leaves or foreign objects like sports equipment – all the gutters were cleared of any obstructions we then ensured there was no missing roof tiles although upon inspection they were all intact.

We then performed a flood test by using a high pressure water hose to saturate the roof to see exactly where the leak was coming from, we were able to pinpoint the exact location of the leak . We found the box gutter to be completely rusted out at the base, unfortunately it was unable to be repaired & replacement was the only option.

We supplied & installed the new box gutter into position & also sealed around all existing flashing & sealed any broken tiles as a preventive measure, the following day we gained access again to perform a final check by saturating the roof using the high pressure water hose & no further leaks were detected!


As a result we were able to pin point the exact location of the roof leak without lifting any roof tiles or cutting into residents ceiling spaces!