Sydney Lockdown: Covid Safe Plumbers

  • William Demirdonder
  • July 23, 2021
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Sydney lockdown continues and Proximity Plumbing is operating under full Covid-19 precautions to serve our local community. Unfortunately, Covid or not, plumbing issues and emergencies don’t take a break! 

Plumbers are classified as essential workers and we are permitted to serve our local, eastern suburbs community and assist in any and all plumbing issues for our customers. BUT you want to make sure you are choosing a truly local service provider. We’ve got you covered with the information in this article.

We’d like to stress in these moments, please arm yourself as an informed consumer. You can read our article here about being mindful of some of the cowboys in our industry who could look to capitalise on the current situation.

Know That You’re Choosing A True Local Emergency Plumber

Something we want to share with our community is more of an awareness around knowing exactly who you are booking when it comes to finding a plumber online. There is a real difference between a “Sydney Plumber” and a true, local plumber near you. 

In our lockdown situation, hiring a local plumber is more important than ever. You want to choose a team who lives and works in your local area, and not someone from further afield who may be travelling from a hotspot with high community spread numbers of Covid.

In the midst of a plumbing emergency, it’s easy to jump at the first, shiny ad you see on Google.

When you’re searching for a local licensed plumber there’s a few things to remember.

Firstly, when you search on Google, the results will be shown in three different areas:


  1.       Paid Ads
    These are found at the top of the page and are designed to GRAB your immediate attention. The average “local” plumbers are bidding up to $110 Per Click in the hope that you foolishly click on their ad.









  1.     Local Search
    Google knows all, and they are kind enough to share the real locations of its plumbers and the location of where the business is actually based. Plumbing businesses that are physically based geographically near you will always be at the top of the results for this section. This is a key point! Even better, yet you get to see their star ratings and the number of credible reviews they have.


3.Organic Search
These results are from Google. Based on all the information Google has, it’s who they perceive as being the best plumber near you. Thanks, Google! But in all seriousness Google: the main goal is understanding user intent and providing the best and most relevant organic search results for your search terms.


Make sure you look for plumbers who are geometrically based near you.

So many times, the “Plumber Near You” that you’ve booked to come out to your job “right away” is actually all the way across the city and will take hours to get to you. When you look at the Google responses to a plumber geographically close to you, there is no marketing here and only plumbers near you will be shown in the search results. 

Choosing a truly local plumber means they will generally be there fast (Proximity Plumbing has a 30-minute on-site guarantee for the eastern suburbs) and will be able to get to work on your plumbing emergency ASAP!

Before You Choose a Plumber: Ask These Key Questions 

Before you dive in and secure a plumber to service your plumbing job, please take 5-10 minutes to ask these key questions. If you’re asking a plumber these questions and they are offended, chances are they’re trying to hide something.


Any proud plumber would love an opportunity to answer any of these questions. We’ve gone to the liberty of filling in our answers for you! 

Q: Where are you based, where is your office and are you truly local to me?

A: Proximity Plumbing is a true eastern suburb based team, we’re located at Point Piper and you’ve probably seen our vans cruising the eastern suburbs streets, our office is also on Military Road Dover Heights.

(With this question, be mindful if someone says they service the whole of Sydney. If you can’t see their office address on google, ask the question which suburb are they physically located? If they’re being evasive, then politely say you’re looking around and call another provider.)




Q: What is your Covid-19 Safety plan?

A: Proximity Plumbing we have taken Covid-19 Safety precautions to ensure our customers and team are kept safe and well at all times.
– None of our plumbers have travelled overseas or interstate in the last 14 days.
– Each one of our team members has completed an infection control training course provided to us by the Australian government.
– Our plumbers have been trained to respect your personal space. This means standing well back (more than 2 metres) when discussing the job in person. Upon request we are also happy to conduct all discussions over the phone – even when on the premises.
– Each team member will be using hand sanitiser before and after all our jobs.
– If you require any plumbing work completed during this time rest assured, we will continue offering the highest quality of customer service, Emergency callouts, and continuing our services to local Sydney businesses and residence.
– In addition to washing their hands, our plumbers wear a new pair of disposable plastic gloves on every job that they are required to work indoors.
– Our vehicles are now sanitised at least twice a week using a hospital-grade disinfectant.
– Our plumbers have been trained to recognise any signs of illness and must report to management immediately.
– We have set up a Covid safe emergency plumbing hotline on 0480 024 320 should you have any questions or need an emergency plumber. 

Q: Do you have online reviews from customers?

A: Yes we do! Proximity Plumbing has over 426+ Google Reviews 5 out of 5.

Q: Are there any hidden fees or costs once you’re on-site?

A: At Proximity Plumbing, we have $0 Call Out and we offer a No Obligation quote before our team starts any work. That way you know exactly what to expect and how much we will charge. 

Q: Will you complete the work on the same day?

A: Yes – Proximity Plumbing has a guaranteed same day service.

Q: Do you have a licence and insurance?

A: Yes, Proximity Plumbing has both Company & Personal Plumbing License, with 20 million public liability.

Remember it might take another 5-10 minutes but that time with be a worthwhile investment and save you a lot of headaches and potential money!


We have prepared some frequently asked questions to help our customers understand what can and cannot be done right now, plus how our team are operating during the pandemic. 

Please see here for further information.


Hiring a professional plumber to carry out any work on your property can be an easy process (even at the moment) if you take the time to be informed, know what you’re looking for and ask the right questions. If you have any questions or need to book in a plumber ASAP then please reach out to our team today for a $0 Obligation-free quote by calling our Covid safe emergency plumbing hotline on 0480 024 320 .


You can find out more information about how Proximity Plumbing is ensuring we have minimum impact on the local eastern suburbs community by visiting our link here: Covid 19 Safety plan. 

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    […] Sometimes in an emergency, it’s easy to click through to Google and choose the first emergency plumber who pops up on your search. We’re asking you to take at least a few minutes and do some important research before booking a professional plumber to attend to your emergency plumbing issue. Especially in Sydney right now in the Covid-19 lockdown situation. For more information on Covid-19 plumbing safety click here.  […]

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