Daycare Centre Plumbing Issues

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Daycare Centre Plumbing Issues

Do you run a daycare centre? If so, hats off to you, we’ll buy you a coffee! 

With all the day to day happenings in your daycare centre it’s easy to forget about the little things like your regular plumbing maintenance or small plumbing repairs that have been on the to-do list for weeks. 

If you can’t remember the last time you had your centre’s commercial plumbing system inspected then read on. In between inspections, the condition of the plumbing system in the centre might have altered, become compromised with old or sagging pipes or even become an emergency waiting to happen with blocked drains and leaks. You can keep your centre’s commercial plumbing system operating effectively by calling a local plumbing maintenance specialist (that’s us) to carry out a thorough inspection and recommend where your pipes and plumbing may need some repair.

Act Fast!

If your daycare centre is experiencing an emergency plumbing problem then please call our team at Proximity Plumbing right now on 0420 102 394 or click here to book immediately online. We have a guarantee onsite in 30 minutes for all eastern suburbs clients, so if your daycare centre is in the east, we’ll be on our way in minutes. 

Daycare Centre Preventative Plumbing

When you own or run a business like a daycare centre, plumbing issues can become major problems, real fast. If the emergency is deemed unsafe for your team or the children in your care, they can even force a shut down until the issue is resolved. What an inconvenience and a real hassle!

So the name of the game is preventive plumbing. Being aware of what COULD happen so it doesn’t happen, then taking measures to inspect, clean and repair any little issues you see. 

Here are some of the common problem areas at your daycare centre that you regularly inspect to keep plumbing issues at bay: 

Gutters and Downpipes

Overflowing gutters or downpipes can be a plumbing menace. Especially coming into Spring and Summer storm season you want to ensure that your gutters and downpipes are clean and clear of debris, leaves, dirt and organic matter.

If you’ve not booked in a professional gutter clean in the last six months, now is the time to do it. When a storm strikes or your area sees a major rain event you want the water to move away from your daycare centre as fast as possible.

To take your preventative measures even further you can install a mesh covering over the gutters to prevent leaves, debris and pests from entering the gutters and clogging them up. 

Drains and Sinks

One of the main reasons why you might consider calling a plumbing professional to your daycare centre is to clear a blocked drain. Your centre’s kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms and outside drains are getting a decent amount of use every day with plenty of small mouths to feed, clean and cater for.

Being aware of what can and cannot go down the drain is the first step. Having the entire staff aware of what can and cannot go down the drain is the next step. Click here for a list of the common blocked sink culprits. 


Clogged toilets due to excess material being flushed, foreign items being forced down the toilet and the use of baby wipes in the toilet can lead to major blockages. Whilst a toilet blockage can easily become an overflow situation (potentially dangerous for your health) they can also be a sign of a more serious sewer line blockage or crack.
Having your staff and children in your care aware of what can and cannot be flushed is the first step. The only things that should be flushed are the 3 P’s: Pee, Poop and Paper (toilet paper). Everything else, including baby wipes, “flushable wipes” and nappies need to be binned not flushed.
If sewage or pipes back up in multiple locations of the commercial unit, it is a plumbing emergency. If your toilets are slow to flush or fill and not flushing away completely it may be time for an inspection.

Outside Drains and Play Areas

Just like indoors, your daycare centre’s outdoor plumbing (especially around play areas) can lead to major problems if not regularly inspected. They can potentially damage the yard, the entire foundation, or even the main water supply. Some common causes of outdoor plumbing problems are leaky outdoor faucets, pipe leaks, and sewer lateral failures. 

Water-play Areas

If there is one thing kids love, it is water! How fun! Even better when you add mud, twigs and leaves. However, these areas are notorious for blocked drains as the water play can suddenly include things other than water, and when all of that gets pushed down the drain it can lead to a blockage. Check your water play areas for leaky taps, blocked drains and any visible debris.

What is Classified as a Plumbing Emergency and Why does a Daycare Centre Need Immediate Attention?

A plumbing emergency features several scenarios in which plumbing problems tend to be more serious than normal conditions. Emergency plumbing cases in a daycare centre can include a gas leak, a blocked drain, an interrupted water service (no water, no hot water, unable to stop water) overflowing toilets, and much more.

For information on what constitutes a plumbing emergency in NSW click here. 

A plumbing emergency at a daycare centre might typically involve the risk of significant water damage. In addition to this, it also tends to compromise the safety of the staff and children. In some cases, utility costs might also be significantly affected due to heavy water loss. 

Whatever might be the case, hiring an emergency plumbing expert can help you out. Due to the sensitivity of the occupants (including children of different agent groups), it is imperative for you to pay attention to common signs of plumbing issues.

Warning Signs to Look Out For At Your Daycare Centre 

How do you know you are dealing with a plumbing emergency? You need to watch out for some common signs depicting a dire plumbing problem in your daycare centre.

Here are some to look out for. Some are obvious and some are not so obvious.

Water Leaks

Not all water leaks will be a plumbing emergency. However, the moment you observe signs of excessive leakage, call the emergency plumber in your area right away. If left untreated, water leaks can affect the structure and integrity of your business centre. Mould and mildew might also form, which is highly unhealthy for little ones. This is because moulds and mildew can cause itchy eyes, respiratory tract symptoms, asthma, and much more. Therefore, you need to be extensively careful about any potential leaks in your daycare centre.

Sagging Ceiling

Sagging ceilings in your daycare centre are major problem. This is because it reflects a constant water leakage somewhere in the roof, which can cause the entire ceiling to collapse eventually. This is the worst case scenario so best to call a pro when you see signs of sagging.

Water Stains

If you observe water stains on the ceilings or walls, it means the water has been leaking there for quite a long time. If you are worried about the extent of damage caused to the structure, call over an emergency plumber right away.

Low Water Pressure

In case you experience reduced water flow in more than a single faucet, then you should get the pipes checked. When the water valve in the plumbing unit fails, it causes water pressure to either go up or down. You can call over a plumber to look into it.

Unexpected Tree or Grass Growth

Does your daycare centre have a lawn or grass area with big trees? Sounds lovely. When was the last time your pipes were inspected for tree roots? If you have trees around your centre and you notice a sudden growth, or maybe a soft or soggy spot in your yard, a spot of excess green or lush lawn, it may be time for a CCTV Pipe inspection with a camera to see if any tree roots are taking residence and causing havoc with your pipes. Especially if you have noticed other things with the pipes and plumbing around your centre at the same time.

Gurgling or Gushing

Have you been hearing gurgling or gushing or any funny noises coming from your drains, sinks or toilets? This could mean there is a blocked drain or a blocked sewer line along the way.

An Unusually High Water Bill 

If you’re running a daycare centre you will know roughly how much the water bill is each quarter. If you have an unusually high water bill that can’t be explained it may indicate a cracked, damaged or leaky pipe somewhere in the site that needs to be fixed.

More often than not, your daycare centre will require a few simple repairs, some routine maintenance and not have to deal with anything major. However, ensuring that your centre is checked regularly and the pipes are clear from blockages is essential. 

Do not let your daycare centre get stuck in the middle of a plumbing emergency. Be attentive to minor signs in your daycare centre and reach out to a professional emergency plumber for a site inspection ASAP if you feel you have an issue brewing, or if you’d like peace of mind that all systems are operating well.

You can call our friendly team at Proximity Plumbing on 0420 102 394 right now, we’d love to help you out. 

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