Bellevue Hill Blocked Gully

  • William Demirdonder
  • August 2, 2022
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An overflow relief gully is a grated outlet located in the ground outside your home. It’s designed to act as a release valve in the event of a blockage or if there’s excess rainwater in the sewerage network. It forms a critical part of your household plumbing and helps prevent sewage from flooding your house by directing the overflow outside. We received a call from a client in Bellevue Hill after reports of a blocked drain.



The tradesmen immediately went on site to investigate the blocked drain. He set up a high-pressure jet blaster and cleared tree roots from overflow gully to shower drain. 



We tested and cleaned the area upon completion. Property owners must maintain and repair sewer connections and fittings around their building up to the sewer connection point. It’s essential you keep your ORG in good condition so it can protect your building from spills and keep the sewer network free from blockages.