Bellevue Hill Strata Hot Water Project

  • Strata Republic - Bellevue Hill
  • Mar 08, 2023
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Bellevue Hill Strata Hot Water Project


Strata Republic recently requested we quote on a major hot water upgrade to the building within Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The block located In Bellevue hill was an original 1970 art deco block which relied on 2x outdated storage units to provide hot water to over 25 individual lots. When the building was built the amount of hot water would have likely been adequate but with more modern tapware, fixtures and bigger families living within apartments this type of heating solution was simply outdated, not efficient and costing the owners excessive electricity bills.

Furthermore, the building suffered from an alarming amount of emergency callouts and costly repairs with the heaters no longer being reliable and constantly breaking down and needing repairs. Proximity plumbing has a long history of not only all Strata related plumbing but specialising in hot water repairs and upgrades. They were requested to provide a report on the current situation and provide options on how to best provide the ultimate heating solution for the 21st century.

The goal was to ensure that the heaters were efficient at heating, would require minimal maintenance and most importantly would have an endless supply of hot water to all the owners. As this was an extremely complex task this quote alone took nearly 2 weeks to prepare as William the director wanted to make sure he was diligent and could provide a fixed cost with no variations.



• Removed old Asbestos tanks.
• All pipework in the current storage room altered to suit the new tank.
• Supply and install new 315 storage tanks installed directly in front of the current tank wrapped in asbestos.
• Connect flow and return lines to a new storage unit.
• Supply and install a secondary reticulating pump.
• Existing storage units in outdoor shed decommissioned and removed off-site.
• Replacement with commercial-grade 32-litre instantaneous heaters installed and flued through the roof.
• Pipework alters to suit new manifold setup.
• On completion, all work was thoroughly tested and commissioned.


After a solid week by the team at proximity plumbing managed to completely upgrade the buildings hot water, better yet the building as promised had hot water every night from 5pm till 7am the following day. Better yet some of the more outstanding results included.

• Increased hot water pressure & flow.
• How water is now at a compliant temperature.
• Flow and return system now ensure dead legs of hot water and immediate heat on arrival.
• Unlimited hot water supply to all residents.
• Cheaper running costs as it is upgraded to a gas-powered system.
• Little to no maintenance, just 1 visit a year to ensure heaters are working at 100%.


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