Commercial Café Plumbing

  • William Demirdonder
  • July 12, 2020
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Adam from Juniper Café & Bar, Paddington, Sydney called our team for commercial plumbing needs last Saturday morning as he knew we were local plumbers within the area. Adam had seen us around the area and thought he would give us an opportunity. As this was an Emergency we acted on this immediately and dispatched one of our team who was already in Woollahra and could get their quickly.

Like any successful small business, Adam is heavily reliant on his appliances to work without any issues. A small issue with even something so small as a tap can cause major ramifications as your using these items so often during those rush periods.

Adam had unfortunately been left with a malfunctioning pump which was used to discharge all the waste from his premises to the street. As this had suddenly failed he was heavily reliant on someone who could attend site immediately and get the issue resolved promptly.


Before attending site, we were able to obtain photos of the malfunctioning part, this allowed us to collect material and parts while on transit to the job. This ensured minimal downtime and cost savings to the owner as these works were done outside normal business hours. Once onsite we confirmed the pump motor had blown and replacement would be the most feasible option.

We agreed to provide a temp solution and return later in the day when the shop was closed to perform the major upgrade. This actually suited us better as we were inundated with other emergency work through the eastern suburbs area.


Jupiter’s café now has a functioning pump, and their coffee machine can continue to serve the Paddington community with their delicious coffee! Any commercial premises should there have plumbing checked yearly by a certified and licensed plumber to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Now that the new pump is installed, we have organised a preventative maintenance program so that this pump continues working and the work we did remains under warranty for the feasible future.