Double Bay Installations

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  • Oct 25, 2021
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Proximity Plumbing received a call from a client in Double Bay to quote for an installation of a new vanity. The client also wanted us to seek advice on where to source vanity. James, our leading hand, helped our client to find exactly the vanity that they wanted to install.


The following works were done by James:

  • Disconnect and dispose of existing vanity unit
  • Install customer supplied vanity unit
  • Install new isolation valves
  •  Install waste traps
  • Silicon behind benchtop
  • Remove all grout around shower bath area
  • Apply epoxy grout from the top of bath to ceiling
  • Clean area on completion


James was able to install the new vanity and the client was satisfied with his scope of works. He also notified us that he wanted us to book him for a complimentary check every 6 to 12 months to check all his plumbing systems at home and avoid any plumbing issues that may happen.

Double Bay Installations

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