Elizabeth Bay Blocked Drain

  • William Demirdonder
  • May 28, 2022
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When cleaning your homes, most people tend to forget the places that aren’t visible. One of these less noticed places is the drainage system. In most cases, the need for drain cleaning doesn’t become evident until the danger lurking underneath through a clogged drain ends up damaging something. We received a call from a strata block in Elizabeth Bay to provide a quote to clear gutters and downpipes throughout.



We found the building in desperate need of some preventative maintenance to prevent ongoing leaks and prevent blockages with the stormwater infrastructure. Tradesmen started from the top-level roof and worked their way down, clearing any stormwater drains which were accessible. This included the rooftop and every balcony/terrace servicing the apartments. 



One of the best techniques to avoid the blocked drains and health issues associated with it is to be very careful about what you put into drain pipes. We noted that all the drains were partially blocked but successfully cleared with no further work required. We recommended returning in 6x months to complete this job again.