Balmain Blocked Stormwater line

  • William Demirdonder
  • March 31, 2020
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Blocked storm water drains are considered a plumbing emergency because they can pose a health risk to our waterways, marine life and public health. We received an emergency call from one of the real estate groups that we are working with in Balmain to investigate a blocked stormwater line. We immediately reported on site to see the cause of the blockage.


One on-site, we immediately conducted a complimentary site inspection. Tradesmen were required to use a high pressure jet and camera all storm water lines to ensure they were clear and free flowing, we have confirmed that the storm water lines are in need of an upgrade and currently the original earthenware pipework in the ground has cracked and needs replacement/upgrade. We have also completed gutter and roof cleaning the following day to remove all leaves and debris.


From our investigation and after completing the works, we have found that it would be best to redirect the rear section of the roof drainage to the rear laneway. This would eliminate any stormwater draining running from the back to the front of the shop. We have sent a quotation to the real estate group for us to proceed with the additional work.