Hot Water Upgrade Rose Bay

  • William Demirdonder
  • February 15, 2021
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We were called to this Family home located in Rose Bay after reports of a water leak around the hot water heater, after carrying out a site inspection it was determined the hot water heater had failed and started to leak, luckily the client got on top of the issue fast and was able to call us prior to the tank bursting- Phew!


Once it was determined the existing hot water heater was beyond repair we carefully isolated both the water and power, then we carefully dissembled the hot water heater & supplied and installed a new Rinnai hot water heater.


Luckily the client had noticed the issue and acted fast, as a result the client prevented any damage and didn’t have to go without hot water! we have noted the client the hot water heater should be checked every 1-2 years by a licensed plumber and then to replace it after 7-10 years.