Paddington Blocked Drain

  • William Demirdonder
  • May 6, 2022
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Tree roots growing downward into sewer lines running out in your yard is one thing, but roots growing up from under your house’s slab foundation and invading your toilet is another thing entirely. Believe it or not, this problem is more common than you think. Proximity Plumbing attended the site after reports of overflowing effluent in front of the property. The tradesman completed up to 60 mins of jet blasting and CCTV camera works. 



The blockage was caused by a large number of tree roots found in the boundary trap shaft, and this has now been cleared out with a jet blaster. Whilst on-site, we completed a camera audit upstream of the boundary trap and found severe tree root intrusion causing damage to the earthenware pipework. 



We have advised our client that an urgent relining is required on this section as it is under the house, and the alternative is excavation within the property. Our professional opinion is that the tree roots located in the boundary trap are from the tree located on the council footpath. We believe the tree root intrusion in the section of pipework under the building is from the council trees located in the rear of the building.