Rose Bay Blocked Drain

  • William Demirdonder
  • July 31, 2022
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Tree roots in sewer line damage can be a nuisance. Tree roots often cause severe damage to sewer and waste-water pipes buried underground. As roots continue to grow, they expand and exert a large amount of pressure at the crack or joint where they entered the pipe. Pipes that are structurally damaged by severe root intrusion require complete replacement. We received a call from a client in Rose Bay after reports of a blocked drain.



Tradesmen were required to attend after hours to clear a blocked drain which was full of tree roots. The line is partially cleared but will require excavation and pipe replacement. We explained to one of the owners onsite that the line was compromised with tree roots and cracks and ultimately needed replacement.



Drains that are slow to empty are a sign that the system is having problems caused by root build-up. The first signs of a slow-flowing drainage system can be heard from gurgling noises from a toilet, shower, sink or floor drain. A complete blockage will occur if no actions are taken to remove the roots and the resulting build up of waste materials. On completion all hard surfaces were cleaned and disinfected.