Rose Bay Blocked Sewer

  • William Demirdonder
  • June 10, 2022
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Two things that both live underground: sewer lines and tree roots. When they get together, nothing good can come of it. Any crack that forms in a sewer line attracts tree roots, which begin small but can grow to be the same size as the pipe. This can cause major problems for your sewer, blocking its flow and causing further breakage. A client in Rose Bay has advised us that there is a blocked sewer in which it overflows through the pathway. 



Tradesmen were required to clear the blocked drain which was surcharging with raw effluent. After setting up a high-pressure jetter and camera the line was partially cleared to alleviate the immediate issue. 



On completion all hard surfaces were cleaned and disinfected. We explained to one of the owners onsite that the line was compromised with tree roots and cracks and ultimately needed replacement.