Surry Hills Gutter Repair

  • William Demirdonder
  • October 1, 2021
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Emily, our director has received a call from one of the real estate groups that we work with in Surry Hills to investigate a blocked gutter. The tenant has advised that they are experiencing blockages. James went on site to investigate the said blockages in Surry Hills.


Upon investigation, James found out that the gutter was quite clean so he used CCTV drain camera on the downpipe and drainage. There was a lot of rubbish that had been collected in the downpipe and drainage which was causing blockages. James cleared all the rubbish out but found that a section of the drainage had been severely damaged from an object falling down the downpipe. A quotation has also been sent through which we advise urgent attention.


James was able to clear the blockages and we are still awaiting approval to repair the damaged pipe. We have suggested repairing the damaged pipes urgently to avoid further issues and a lot of $$$.