How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost In 2022?

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How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost In 2022?

What Is Pipe Relining And How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost in 2022?

Simply put, Pipe Relining creates a new, strong pipe within the existing broken or old pipe.

Pipe Relining is known as a “no-dig” or “trenchless” solution and is considerably less impactful than the traditional “dig it up and replace” method of fixing broken or damaged pipes.

The main benefit of pipe relining is this; it’s quiet, quick and clean.  This is why it’s becoming the go-to service for Sydney’s eastern suburbs clients who are looking for a long term solution to fix their pipes, that won’t disrupt the home or garden.

There are many more benefits to pipe relining – which we’ll discuss in this article – most importantly, it’s fast and more affordable than traditional methods. Plus the new pipe systems are up to four times stronger than a new PVC pipe and come with a 50-year life expectancy.

The cost of pipe relining is based on a number of factors and will differ from property to property.

In this article, we break down all the factors to think about when considering the investment in pipe relining and why it’s the superior choice in pipe repair.

What’s The Main Reason You Would Need To Reline Your Pipes? 

Pipe relining is the best option to repair and restore broken or damaged pipes. Pipe relining can be successfully implemented on almost any type of damage including:

  • Cracks or holes
  • Erosion
  • Tree root infiltration
  • Old age
  • Missing sections of pipe

What Are The Steps Involved In Pipe Relining? 

Initial Investigation:At Proximity Plumbing, we investigate your pipe problem thoroughly before providing you with a detailed, informative and easy to understand pipe relining quote.

Inspection:Using a CCTV camera hooked up to a real-time monitor we will get eyes on your pipes and see exactly what is going on inside your plumbing system. This is important to know how damaged the pipes are, where the damage is, what is the cause of the damage and how hard this job will be to fix.

Clean and Clear:Once we understand what is going on inside your pipes, using a number of professional high-pressure tools, our expert team will clear the debris from your troubled pipes.

New Pipe Created:Pipe Relining creates a new pipe within your existing pipe, negating the need to dig and replace it. Your new ‘pipe within a pipe’ is created using the pipe relining method of a two-part epoxy blend.

How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost in 2022?

Each Pipe Relining job will be charged slightly differently because each property is different, with its own unique needs.  The final cost of your pipe relining job will depend on five key factors (which we’ll break down in this article). They include;

  • The Size Of The Pipe Which Needs Relining
  • The Length of Pipe Which Needs Relining
  • The Number Of Junction Cuts and Bends In The Pipe
  • The Ease Of Access To The Pipes
  • The Type Of Pipe Being Relined

Given that, the most logical way to start a quote for pipe relining is by knowing how many metres of pipe need to be relined. The quote then builds to include the ease of access and any issues that go along with that, the type of pipe being relined, your licensed plumber’s time, the equipment and material costs and any excavation costs.

When you work with Proximity Plumbing to reline your pipes we will take you through the quote, in easy-to-understand terms and explain the entire process for you so you know exactly what is happening to your property, the time it will take, the risks involved and any other factors that are necessary to discuss for your particular project.

Key Factors That Contribute To The Final Cost Of Pipe Relining

The Size Of The Pipe Which Needs Relining

A factor in deciding the final cost for your pipe relining job is the size of the pipe that needs relining. This is the size in terms of the length of the pipe and the diameter of the pipe. Unsurprisingly, the bigger the pipe, the more expensive it is. This is because larger pipes require more material, equipment and time. When the pipes that need relining are larger, then all other decisions for the job are affected. More material is needed, they take longer to prep and longer to reline.

So as a general rule – the bigger the diameter and length of pipe, the bigger the final cost. The size of the pipe is not the only deciding factor in the cost of pipe relining, but it’s a good place to start.

The Length of Pipe Which Needs Relining

As with the diameter of the pipe, the length of the pipe which needs relining is a factor that contributes to the final cost of your pipe relining job. Again this is not surprising, because more = more, right?

Both the size of the diameter and the length of the pipe can influence the cost of your pipe relining job significantly.

Traditionally, the longer the length of the pipe needing repair has meant extensive excavation and disturbance to your property and garden; this is not the case with “trenchless” pipe relining. So whilst the length of the pipe contributes to the final cost of your pipe relining service, it’s not comparable to the alternative.

It’s a simple equation of more pipe + more material + more time = more investment.

The Number Of Junction Cuts and Bends In The Pipe

If you’re looking for a quote to reline your pipes or reline your sewer line and you’re concerned that you have a ‘harder’ job site for whatever reason, please reach out and talk with our team at Proximity Plumbing today. We can give you an obligation free quote and take you through the process, explaining the specifics of your property’s pipe relining quote so you understand every element of the quote and can make an informed decision. With our knowledge, experience and tools, it may be easier than you imagine. 

Another element that can affect the final cost of your pipe relining is the number of bends within the piece of pipe being relined and the number of junctions within the pipe.

A huge advantage of pipe relining is that the intersections and access points are mostly undisturbed. Because pipe relining creates a ‘pipe within a pipe’ the process uses the infrastructure you already have in place (so the disruption to your system and your property is minimal.

Because of the CCTV footage we use with inspecting your pipes before any relining service, our team will have a visual of exactly where the bends and junctions occur along your pipeline and will be able to include any work that’s needed to reinstate junctions and inspection points within the initial quote. Each junction along the line is inspected before we start any work. Once the pipe is relined, one of our senior professional plumbers will use a special robotic cutting machine to reinstate the junctions and access points. So the time, equipment and labour needed to complete the pipe relining job with junction cuts is something that can contribute to the final cost.

The Ease Of Access To The Pipes

Whilst pipe relining is typically a ‘trenchless’ and un-disruptive procedure, the access to your property’s pipes can influence the final cost if our team needs to excavate or dig to gain access to complete the pipe relining.

In Sydney and other major cities in Australia, the ease of access to property pipes can contribute to the final cost of pipe relining. Purely because of urban areas building close together. We’re all packed in together and, services like plumbing and electrical tend to get more densely installed in cities like Sydney than what they do for our regional areas. It means relining your property’s pipes can get a little tricky.

How far away the access point is from the part of the pipe which needs relining is also a factor which could contribute to the final cost. When finalising your quote our team will look at how close (or far away) the access point is to the damaged part of your pipe system. If your access point is relatively far away, it will increase the cost.

If you live in a multi-storied building our team will need to investigate how to safely transport equipment to where it needs to be, and how to access different areas on different levels, which could affect the final cost of the relining service. Where we can, our team will work with you to ensure the costs are kept within a reasonable limit and we become creative with our problem-solving skills for properties with “challenging” access.

Servicing the eastern suburbs we are very familiar with the local councils, the ways in which services are typically laid in both new and older eastern suburbs properties and we’ve seen a thing or two in our time!

The Type Of Pipe Being Relined

The final cost for your pipe relining service can be impacted by the actual type of pipe being relined. The deeper the pipe (think your sewage and wastewater lines including boundary traps) are often the most expensive to reline because of their depth. A mainline drain reline will be less costly because our team wouldn’t have to negotiate the same depth.

If you’re not sure about whether or not your pipes can be relined, or how easy the access to your pipes will be, why don’t you call our team today and we can arrange to answer all your questions!

External Factors To Consider When Pricing Your Pipe Relining Job

When relining your home’s pipes there are risks, and there are ‘worst-case scenarios’ that we walk our relining clients through when we present our quote. This does not take away from one simple fact: Sydney trenchless Pipe Relining costs are typically lower than the traditional “dig and replacement” of broken pipes and sewer lines.

The difference in costs between the typical ‘dig it up’ method versus pipe relining is predominantly contributed to the lack of excavation and digging that comes along with pipe relining.

So if you live in Sydney and you’re weighing up your options please consider the costs for excavation digs and pipe repairs can escalate very quickly. Usually, with the traditional dig and replacement method, you’ll be looking at a fee for the excavation and repair or your pipes PLUS reinstatement costs or your landscaping, driveway, pavement and roads.

There are a few costs to consider when looking at traditional digging and replacing (versus pipe relining).
When you consider traditional digging and pipe replacement, please look into these costs:

Road Closure:If you need to partially close a road whilst the dig is happening, costs in Sydney for council permits start at $1,750 and a road closure comes at a charge of $2,000 per lane, per day, per block. You’re probably looking at a few days with the traditional method of pipe replacement, so the numbers start adding up fast.

Traffic Control:When you close any lane or road in Sydney you are required to hire two licensed traffic controllers plus equipment, at a charge of about $850 per day.

Work Safety:You must establish a work safe zone for the work to occur and may need extra permits and permission to create barricades, etc.

Labour:The cost of labour, materials and equipment becomes expensive quickly when you are being charged by the hour for most labourers and most equipment hire. Bobcats and excavators are especially expensive for a traditional dig and replacement pipe service. When you think about jobs going overtime and after hours, labour costs can quickly jump up. In Australia, we have trade laws to protect workers during unsociable ‘after’ hours and weekends. So when replacing a sewer line and the job site stays open after hours the charges get higher.

Reinstatement:Once the pipe repair is complete, the job is not done. You must reinstate the roads and pathways, potentially driveways to their original state. This is not a cheap exercise!

Landscaping:When you choose to dig and replace your pipes (as opposed to pipe relining) you could be looking at substantial costs to reinstate pavements, paths, lawns, trees, plants and potentially any decks you have around your property once the dig is complete. In Sydney, replacing your lawn can come at a hefty $500 – $1000 per pallet. Then the landscaping can set you back thousands of dollars (even up to $1000 per square metre) and the average landscape specialist will charge you $100 per hour for their service and labour.

Renovations:If your pipe excavation is within your home, you could be facing a $20,000 – $30,000 bathroom renovation. It depends on the pipe that needs to be taken out and replaced, but if the pipe lies below your bathroom and/or laundry, you could need to dig up and replace all the tiles, flooring, re-waterproof, etc and suddenly you’re looking at one big end of job bill. 

Bottom line:when comparing the costs of trenchless pipe relining with traditional digging and pipe replacement be aware of the ‘extras’ which you will be required to pay and organise. All of these factors combined make for a very expensive exercise and it’s a major reason why pipe relining has become a popular alternative in Sydney.

The final price for the newer, no-dig pipe relining is significantly less than the traditional excavation and pipe replacement.

Researching Pipe Relining? Please read through this article, plus our articles:

Or you can call our friendly team today or book in a service online. At Proximity Plumbing, we are pipe relining experts. We can be onsite at your property, inspecting and quoting on your pipe relining job faster than you think – so make sure to call our friendly team today and speak to us about your pipe relining needs. 

The Labour And Time Involved In Pipe Relining 

Obviously, when you choose to traditionally dig and replace pipes in the traditional way, you are looking at a significant labour, time and material cost.

Pipe relining will minimise most of those costs because the method of relining is faster and more efficient, thus more affordable.

When you are considering costs involved in pipe relining you should think about whether the job is an emergency or after-hours repair as this will generally incur a higher charge.

If your property presents a particularly ‘hard’ access point or other complications, you will want a pipe relining specialist on hand to draw on their expert experience to navigate the problems.

Our Proximity Plumbing team are experts at pipe relining and have superior qualifications using Brawoliner pipe relining equipment and material. If your property’s pipe relining calls for someone on-site with expert level qualifications, to ensure the best possible standard is being maintained and your pipes and plumbing system are being supported in the best possible way, then we have you covered. 

When you’re considering how much it costs to carry out any pipe relining repairs please keep in mind that the technology and materials used to reline pipes are relatively new and innovative. There is no standard course or certification so our plumbers are trained on-site and carry out training internationally with our partner supplier Brawoliner. All of our pipe relining team are also trained, professional plumbers.

We invest regularly and significantly in our team’s training and professional development. Our team is encouraged to keep learning and stay ahead of the industry. We see ourselves as leaders in our field and maintain a high standard of service, keeping our customer’s safety and needs first. We believe this is one of the reasons why we continue to succeed and experience humbling, five-star reviews.

We have a fleet of fully equipped vans with equipment to tackle most plumbing jobs (plus we’re truly local, so if you’re in the eastern suburbs and we don’t have a part onhand our storeroom is not far away).

Our team are experienced and equipped to handle a wide variety of plumbing and pipe repairs when relining your pipes.

These include: 

  • Patching bends
  • Damaged connections and downpipes
  • Multiple bends inversion
  • Boundary trap repairs 
  • Vertical shaft inversion
  • Vertical shaft to board’s main inversion
  • Satellite junction repairs

Proximity Plumbing will handle any and all plumbing issues and pipe repairs using our team of licensed, expert plumbers. We will not outsource or farm out work to other suppliers.

The Materials Used To Reline Pipes 

At Proximity Plumbing, we use a pipe relining material called Brawoliner.

We use it because it’s the best available in the Australian market. Brawoliner is an innovative German technology created for repairing pipes without the need for excavation. More importantly unlike many of the other liners, the Brawoliner® products are an Australian Watermark approved product ensuring the warranty advertised is backed legally. The watermark scheme was implemented in 2016 and is mandatory in Australia for plumbing and plumbing related drainage products. It means the products get tested to ensure they comply with our high Australian standards. 

Brawoliner continues to be manufactured strictly in Germany and exported to Australia for the Australian market to only licensed and certified Brawoliner installers. It also has elastic qualities that enable it to maintain its resilience throughout multiple bends and tapers.

Our team has travelled internationally to become experts at using Brawoliner technology.

Watch this video for more information on Brawoliner:

 If you would like to learn more about Pipe Relining, Brawoliner and the materials used in pipe relining plus how we maintain our superior service standard, please give our team a call now or request a quote through our website. Our team is always on call to answer any and all questions about pipe relining, our products, experience and workmanship. 

Other Pipe Relining Materials and Equipment

“No-dig” pipe relining is a cost-effective solution to fix your broken, old or fractured pipes for a number of reasons BUT a big reason is because of the minimal amount of disruption and destruction to your home. The technology of pipe relining plus the materials and equipment used is where the bulk of your costs for pipe relining will be attributed.

As we mentioned, we only use the highest standard of pipe relining material. When we arrive at your property to reline your pipes we’ll also have our state of the art CCTV camera as well as our fully stocked Proximity Plumbing van with an array of the best parts and pipe relining materials available AND our pipe relining tools, like the robotic cutter which assists in reinstating the junctions of the relined pipe. These cutters and materials will set our company back hundreds of thousands of dollars and must be immaculately maintained to keep operating at peak performance. 

For our team to continue offering you the best pipe relining solutions available in Sydney we invest heavily in stocking and restocking the best possible standard of materials and machinery. 

This is why we’re confident in offering our 35-year workmanship guarantee and our pipe relining is backed with a 50-year life expectancy warranty.

How To Compare Pipe Relining Quotes in 2022

When you’re looking to hire a plumbing company or pipe relining company to carry out any pipe relining for your property or business, please do your research and secure quotes from a number of providers and pick up the phone and ask a lot of questions.

It is a major investment for your property and it will serve you best, in the long run, to spend time researching and choosing an expert company to carry out your job.

Choosing the cheapest company doesn’t always mean you’re choosing the best. In fact, companies that advertise like this are usually the companies that have a lot of hidden charges at the end of the bill OR they are not ‘experts’ and the work is of poor quality and you end up with a partial fix or a partial reline.

The issue with this is that if you’ve chosen a company to carry out a pipe reline due to infiltration of tree roots, and they carry out a partial fix and don’t finish the job properly, in a few years time you’ll face the same issue, as tree roots will find the smallest hairline crack and invade again. And the process of relining your pipes starts all over again.

At Proximity Plumbing our team are experts in pipe relining. We invest continuously in training and learning. We have travelled overseas to ensure we have the most up to date and highest quality training with the best materials available.

We are confident that by choosing to use the best quality materials we are giving our local, eastern suburbs customers the superior choice in pipe relining companies. 

Unfortunately, we’ve attended to too many customers who’ve chosen a sub-standard pipe reliner to carry out their relining job and have ended up with a partial fix. If you’re in the position now where you’re sourcing quotes, here are some questions to ask any company offering pipe relining.

Questions to ask pipe relining companies when sourcing quotes for your pipe relining job:

  • Are you trained in pipe relining? 
  • What method of pipe relining do you use?
  • What materials do you use to reline pipes? 
  • Are the methods and materials watermarked for Australian standards and conditions?
  • How many people from your team will be attending my property? (Are they all licensed?)
  • What happens if something goes wrong?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Do you charge by the hour or is it a flat rate? 
  • Are there any extra costs for after-hours or weekend work?
  • How do you inspect the pipes to see what areas need relining?
  • How do I know if my pipes really need relining?
  • Where exactly are you located?/ Do you know my area well? 
  • Will you dig up my yardDo you have a payment plan available?
  • What is the service guarantee you offer?
  • What is your plumber’s license number?
  • How long does a typical pipe relining job take?
  • If I chose your company, what is the next available time for the service?
  • What type of pipes can you reline?

By doing your due diligence and researching the best, reputable local company to reline your pipes you are ensuring that only expert, experienced pipe relining professionals are working on your project.

At Proximity Plumbing, we are very proud of our 300+ 5 star Google reviews from our happy, local customers.

Home Builders Compensation

After you’ve talked to a few reputable pipe relining companies and you have some quotes to consider, it’s time to consider the Home Builders Compensation (Home Warranty Insurance). In NSW this kicks in for any jobs over $20,000 and could influence the amount of your pipe relining quote.

Whilst we’re talking all things insurance, our company is insured and we are happy to answer all questions about the type of cover we have to protect us and you when we work on your property. 

The Main Benefits of Pipe Relining 

Pipe relining is now revolutionising the sewer line, pipe and drain repair industry. Because the results are just that good!

Many councils and water authorities are now using the pipe relining method when needing to repair and restore pipe systems.

The main benefit of pipe relining is that it will save you considerable money and time (when compared to the traditional dig and replacement method).

Pipe relining is a more affordable and faster option due to the technology we now have available. At your home’s residence, you may have a longstanding garden, landscaping, paving, driveway, decor bathroom – all things you’d rather not see dug up and destroyed. The costs to dig, then repair THEN REPLACE it all can run very high compared to no-dig pipe relining. 

And if your sewer line or pipe issue extends beyond your garden and you’re looking at council footpaths, shutting down systems and roads… a pipe reline can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. 

Pipe relining is relatively free from disruption and destruction, can be carried out quickly and with minimal issues PLUS you get brand new pipes with a 50-year life expectancy! 

Other Benefits Of Pipe Relining in 2022

There are many benefits of pipe relining. The first is that it’s a faster, more affordable option than a traditional dig and pipe replacement. Pipe relining will save you significant time and money. Other benefits of pipe relining include:

  • No digging or excavation is required.
  • The pipes are 4 x stronger than a standard PVC pipe.
  • Our piping has a 50-year life expectancy.
  • Works for sewer pipe repair as well as stormwater, earthenware, copper asbestos, PVC and cast-iron pipes.
  • Guaranteed for 35 years!
  • Keeps out all tree roots.
  • Reduced impact on the environment.

What Type of Pipes Can Be Repaired With Pipe Relining?

  • Asbestos & Cement
  • PVC pipes
  • Cast iron & copper pipes
  • Earthenware
  • Pool pipes
  • Pressure pipes
  • Stormwater & sewer pipes
  • Downpipes

Why Choose Proximity Plumbing To Reline Your Pipes?

When it comes to Sydney pipe relining, our team at Proximity Plumbing, are your best choice for local, professional, pipe relining experts.

At Proximity Plumbing, we are a 100% transparent company and there is no ‘bill shock’ because we take steps to keep our customers informed of any costs at the initial stage of a job being approved and started.

We will also honestly explain any foreseeable ‘tricky’ situations with your specific job and let you know your options. We’re willing to discuss all aspects of your pipe relining job and the costs involved to ensure you are 100% happy with your decision to use our company as your pipe relining company.

Proximity Plumbing also has payment plan options available for more complicated or larger jobs that require significant investment.

Our team is expertly trained and invest heavily in learning and development so we can provide the best-trained pipe relining team to the market. We back our work with a 35-year workmanship warranty and the superior materials we use will give your pipes a 50-year life expectancy. 

We can be onsite at your property, inspecting and quoting on your pipe relining job faster than you think – so make sure to call our friendly team today and speak to us about your pipe relining needs. 

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