Plumbing Quotes: Big Vs Small Plumbing Companies

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Plumbing Quotes: Big Vs Small Plumbing Companies

Why Are Bigger Plumbing Companies Are More Expensive Than Smaller Plumbing Companies?

Just like most things in life, in plumbing, you get what you pay for. If your plumbing quotes appears too good to be true, the chances are that it might be! When deciding to hire a bigger plumbing company or a smaller, one-man contractor there are some things to consider.

At Proximity Plumbing, we are not the cheapest plumber in the eastern suburbs, we’re also not the most expensive. We are the most dedicated and happily boast over 300 real, community-based 5-star reviews from customers.

What makes us so confident about our services?

We invest in our team, we invest in premium materials, we invest in learning and training and we are dedicated to exemplary customer service. 

Large or Small, a Plumbing Company Should Provide You With These Things:

Running a fully-equipped, professional plumbing company can be an expensive affair. This is because of the abundant business overheads, team wages, insurances, maintenance of vehicles, materials and the delivery of timely and dedicated services, advertising costs, online marketing charges and more.

Therefore, you could say that a larger professional plumbing company could charge a slightly more expensive fee than a smaller one. A smaller company might not have as many expenses and be able to charge a lesser amount to maintain a healthy profit margin.

Whether you are hiring plumbing services from a large or a small company, here are some must-have expectations as a customer:

Premium Customer Service

Customer service and customer satisfaction should be taken quite seriously whether you run a plumbing company or a bakery. Happy customers are the lifeblood of any respectable plumbing company and most plumbers offer obligation-free quotes along with a dedicated follow-up upon completing the plumbing job.

This is what we do at Proximity Plumbing and we go out of our way to to make sure that our customers are happy and their plumbing issue is fixed for them in a timely manner PLUS we offer a free inspection to see whether there are any other issues lurking in your plumbing system.

Our customer service goes a little deeper than that, and you can read more about it here. 

Availability and Proximity 

Did you see what we did there? Shameless plug! But in all seriousness, in the case of a plumbing emergency, the availability of the service provider is of utmost importance. When searching for a ‘plumber near me’ and confirming your plumbing quotes, you want a genuine local plumber. You want a company that has ‘feet on the ground’ close and available so your plumbing issue can be sorted ASAP. 

At Proximity Plumbing, we have a 30-minute onsite guarantee for our eastern suburbs clients within normal business hours. 

Warranty of Service or Workmanship

A plumbing company, whether large or small, should deliver an optimum warranty for the delivery of professional services. As a way to guarantee you’re employing professionals, look for a workmanship warranty or a guarantee on the lifetime of certain products or services. 

At Proximity Plumbing, offer a workmanship warranty to all our customers. Talk to us today about attending to your property’s plumbing needs or giving you an obligation-free quote for your bigger plumbing jobs.

Multiple Pricing Options

A small or a large plumbing company should always aim to let their customer be the decision-maker. And decisions are made with information. When receiving quotes from local Sydney plumbers, ask as many questions as you can and only employ the plumber who answers them comfortably and with confidence.

A truly professional plumbing company should be capable of offering multiple options to the customers in terms of plumbing services. Right from blocked drains to pipe relining and much more – the service options should be given clearly and concisely with easy-to-understand language. 

At Proximity Plumbing, we offer three options for most of the quotes we provide to customers. This is to show customers what needs to be done, what else could be done, and what would be ideal. We take into consideration a customer’s budget, timelines and family needs.

We suggest you contact at least three plumbing companies and source quotes for your job (however we’re confident you’ll come back to us) and we’re ready to become your go-to plumbing company. For more information, click here.

Training and Expertise

Running a successful plumbing business should be reflected in the overall training and expertise of the staff. When you hire services from a plumbing company, you should check into the level of training and expertise of the plumbing team to expect optimum results. Always enquire and search for a plumber’s license and look on google for community-based real reviews. 

What Services Should All Plumbers be Able to Offer?

A plumber is a professional responsible for dealing with all kinds of plumbing issues and emergencies. Some of the common services that all plumbers, whether from a large or small, one-truck plumbing company, should offer are:

  • Residential plumbing
  • Commercial plumbing
  • Emergency plumbing
  • Plumbing installations, repairs, and replacements
  • Toilet repair
  • Leak repairs
  • Blocked Drain cleaning
  • Pipe repair 
  • Water heater services
  • Gas related services 
  • Sewer pipe maintenance and cleaning services

What Questions Should I Ask a Plumber When Getting a Quote?

Before you dive in and secure a plumber to service your plumbing job, please take 5-10 minutes to ask these key questions. If you’re asking a plumber these questions and they are offended, chances are they’re trying to hide something. 

Any proud plumber would love an opportunity to answer any of these questions. We’ve gone to the liberty of filling in our answers for you! 

Q: Where are you based, where is your office and are you truly local?

A: Proximity Plumbing is a true eastern suburb based team, we’re located at Point Piper and you’ve probably seen our vans cruising the streets.

Q: Do you have online reviews from customers?

A: Yes we do! Proximity Plumbing has over 135 + Google Reviews 5 out of 5.

Q: Are there any hidden fees or costs once you’re on-site?

A: At Proximity Plumbing, we have a $0 Call Out and we offer a No Obligation quote before our team starts any work. That way you know exactly what to expect and how much we will charge. 

Q: Will you complete the work on the same day?

A: Yes – Proximity Plumbing has a guaranteed same day service.

Q: Will a tradesman or an apprentice be attending to my service?

A: At Proximity Plumbing our team is full of licensed, experienced tradesmen with a minimum of 10 years’ experience on the job.

Q: Do you have a licence and insurance?

A: Yes, Proximity Plumbing has both Company & Personal Plumbing License, with 20 million public liability.

Remember it might take another 5-10 minutes but that time with be a worthwhile investment and save you a lot of headaches and potential money!

Some smaller plumbing companies may advertise a cheaper cost but have hidden costs when it comes time to sign the bill. Some larger companies will charge more for reputation and superior results. For most people, a happy medium for what you’re prepared to pay vs what you are charged lies somewhere in the middle. 

Hiring a professional plumber to carry out any work on your property can be an easy process. Look for a professional and reputed plumbing company in your area – reach out to our team today for a $0 Obligation free quote.

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