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    Proximity plumbing is a family-run 24/7 maintenance plumbing business based in the eastern suburbs, we specialise in hot water heaters and successfully service and replace them each day. Feel comfortable calling one of our friendly staff and organising the closest plumber in our team to attend your property as quickly as possible.

    At proximity plumbing, we offer unparalleled hot water system installation repairs, and service at competitive prices. We have built an impeccable reputation for providing the highest quality service with our leading industry knowledge and experience within the eastern suburbs.

    Hot water is something that we all take for granted and when it is gone it can cause overwhelming concerns. Rest assured when you call proximity plumbing, we get your hot water back on in no time! We also offer from the moment you call our friendly expert advice and solutions to see if it’s something minor that doesn’t always require a plumber.

    If the issue is more complicated such as insufficient hot water, low water pressure or a leak our highly skilled tradesmen will respond to your request and identify the cause of the issue. We aim to ensure minimal downtime and the most cost-effective solution to get hot water again.

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    How Much Should It Cost To Have A Hot Water Heater Installed?

    The average cost of installing a new hot water system in Australia is between $200 and $600. However, this is only the case if you’re replacing an existing hot water system with one of the exact same type, and this does not factor the cost of the water heater unit itself into account.

    First, you will need to consider the size of the water heater you need in your home. Water heaters with a higher tank capacity or heating capacity will always be more expensive than smaller units. This is true whether you choose an electric system like a heat pump water heater, a solar water heater, or a water heater powered by natural gas.

    So we highly recommend consulting with an experienced plumber and discussing how much hot water your home needs. Tanks can vary in size from 25L all the way up to 400L, and tankless, on-demand heaters vary greatly in capacity, too. Choosing the right size will help you save money when installing and operating your water heater.

    New Hot Water Heater Installation Prices
    Average Unit Price Range
    Installation Cost
    Standard Tank Storage
    $400 - $1,600
    $150 - $600
    $250 - $2,500
    $400 - $1,500
    Hybrid/High Efficiency
    $700 - $3,000
    $150 - $600
    $1,000 - $6,000
    $2,000 - $4,000
    hot water Repair

    Hot Water Repairs for Woronora Residents

    Every household should have a hot water system that is running efficiently and effectively. If you notice any of the below signs, you know you have a bigger problems

    • Leaks in the tank - If from the bottom, this can happen from years of sediment build-up and rust Another cause could be from incorrect initial installation or old age. If the problem is located at the top, then it could be a loose valve or pipefitting.

    • The temperature has changed to cold - The reason could be dependent on what energy source you are running off. If you have gas, there could be no gas supply, or your pilot light has turned off. For electrical tanks, the thermostat could be busted, or the heating element could be faulty.

    • Hot water running out regularly - The size of your container may not be big enough to handle your usage. Your boiler could be struggling to provide sufficient heating, particularly if you have an instantaneous system and a large household.

    • Large water bills - Your bill may be skyrocketing if a leak is located somewhere in the unit • Noisy Tank - A build-up of sediment is the most common cause of a noisy tank. Naturally, H20 has material deposits inside of it, and it will settle down the bottom. The sediment pieces end up swirling around the inside, hitting the cylinder,

    If you are experiencing issues such as a leaking system, low pressure, or no warm water, it is safe to say you require a replacement unit or at the very least, the right repairs made.

    What To Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    1. Call

    Call our Proximity Plumbing team immediately and we will dispatch the closest Hot Water in the Eastern Suburbs to your residence or office.

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    2. Isolate

    2. Proximity Plumbing will advise how to isolate the Hot Water supply to your Hot Water meter and offer support over the phone in the interim of the plumber arriving.

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    3. Turn Off

    3. You can turn off all your Hot Water appliances in your home including Hot Water cooking appliances, heaters, and Hot Water units (including the pilot).

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    4. We’re Here

    By this time one of our expert team members will be onsite.

    How Long Should A Hot Water Tank Last?

    A properly installed and high-quality hot water tank will last between 8 to 12 years. Like everything else, time and consistent use will wear down the tank. If your hot water system has reached 15-20 years old and has started being noisy and failing to give you the hot water you need consistently, it’s probably at the end of its life.

    If you’re in an older property without any information about when the hot water system was installed, it’s a good idea to get a professional plumber to come and take a look to determine whether it can be repaired.

    Please note that getting these levels of life expectancy from the hot water systems is only feasible with attention to hot water system maintenance. For instance, you may need to replace parts like anodes every five years to keep the system in the best shape.

    If you’re searching for Woronora hot water service or installation, look no further. Your local Woronora hot water plumber can handle this for you and we can provide the best hot water solution to suite your home and your requirements.

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    What is The Best Hot Water System In Australia?

    The EVO270 has won the 2021, 2020 & 2019 hot water Product Review Award for 3 consecutive years, even after being recognised by Australian customers because of its innovative energy efficiencies and intelligent features.

    It has been considered the next evolution in water heating, with advanced energy efficiency technologies and built-in smart features to ensure you’re provided with clean, safe, and economical hot water all year round.

    The EVO 270 has innovative energy efficiency technology and constructed with smart features to guarantee you’re supplied with clean, secure, and affordable warm water throughout the year.

    Unlike conventional hot water systems which use 1kW of electricity to produce 1kW of warmth, the EVO 270 uses the same 1kW of power and heat pump technologies to create 4kW of warmth — saving you around 75 percent of your hot water prices!

    Key Points:

    1. Hot water up to 70°C
    2. Storage Capacity: 270 litres
    3. Locations: Outdoor or Indoor.

    Hot Water System

    Average Hot Water System Running Costs

    averag img

    It’s up to 40% cheaper than electricity to use and up to 50% cheaper to maintain and service with fewer parts. Unlike electricity, where increased consumption drives your tariffs higher, generally the more gas appliances you install the more you can save. This is because in most cases, the cost per unit of the gas decreases as consumption increases.

    About Woronora

    Woronora is a suburb in southern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Woronora is located 27 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the Sutherland Shire. Woronora Heights is a separate suburb, to the south-west.

    Woronora' is an Aboriginal placename. Records show the spelling of the name has varied since it first appeared in the 19th century, the earliest being Wooloonora (Dixon, 1827, quoted in Walker 1974:66), followed by Wolonora (Dixon, 1837), and Woronora (Mitchell, 1835). The residential area of Woronora lines both sides of the Woronora River. The Woronora River Bridge is the northern limit to residential housing. A footbridge crosses the river at the southernmost limit of housing on the western bank. The housing on the eastern bank continues beyond the end of Prince Edward Park Road, and some houses can only be reached by a walking track or by boat.

    Why Choose Us For Your Hot Water Service?

    Proximity Plumbing prides itself at providing a minimum of three options to tackle a Hot Water system fault. Depending on the source of the Hot Water will determine the appropriate method whether it’s repairing the Hot Water leak, upgrading your hot water unit or just a general hot water service.

    Using Hot Water detecting equipment is the first crucial step in making your property safe again, and in the long term, attending to Hot Water leaks swiftly means you save money by not paying inflated Hot Water bills due to leaking Hot Water. In some circumstances, we can provide an option that may be an energy-efficient hot water system that suits your budget and meets a high energy star rating.

    We are licensed hot water specialists that are licensed to install & service all types of hot water systems, when dealing with us you will have a lifetime labour warranty & manufacturers warranty. Proximity Plumbing doesn’t take shortcuts when installing a hot water tank in your home, we ensure everything is to code including supplying a mandatory tempering valve to ensure no one gets burnt from scalding hot water.

    • No Obligation Free Quotes.

    • Over A Thousand + Successful Jobs For Clients Within The Eastern Suburbs.

    • One Of Few Plumbers Who Successful Carry Out Relining For Other Plumbers.

    • We provide you with the recommendations to remedy the problem.

    • We discuss their options for immediate works if required.

    • We provide annual inspections and ongoing maintenance on our completed works so they know that their investment is safe.

    Repair Hot Water System Issues Asap

    Don't Put Yours, Your Family Or Your Property At Risk

    Proximity Plumbing Hot Water
    Which hot water brand is best suited for my home?

    Which hot water brand is best suited for my home?

    Did you know Proximity Plumbing have helped over 5400 + homes get their hot water up & running throughout the last 10 years, we know having hot water is crucial and thankfully we know what’s best to recommend thanks to being partners with Reece plumbing- when looking for what the best hot water system is for your home we always recommend determining the following points :

    • Tank Size- What size of hot water is best suited for my home? - this will depend if you live in an apartment or a house & how many people live within your home- rest assured our Local Eastern suburb plumbers will assist with making the most cost-effective/ suited size for your home.

    • Space- How big are hot water tanks? Hot water tanks vary in size if gas isn’t an option in your home our Eastern suburbs hot water expects can provide other solutions.

    • I have Gas: Gas vs electric hot water? if gas is available we always recommend installing a gas hot water system as they are cost-effective, easy to service & better for the environment.

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    Tempering Valves & How They Work

    A tempering valve is one of the best ways to ensure people are not harmed or scalded by hot water when it comes out of a faucet. It works as a mixing tool, as it combines both cold and hot water to correctly produce the required water temperature to be released from a particular outlet.

    Tempering valves work by allowing the 60 c water inside the unit to be mixed with cold water and then safely flow out of the faucet with a temperature of 45 c to 50 c. For some institutions such as young, aged, sick and disabled facilities eg, nursing homes, the maximum delivery temperature should not exceed 45 c.

    According to Australian Standard AS3500.4.2 Clause 1.6 water temperature that comes out of the taps must not exceed 50 c but to prevent legionella bacteria from developing inside the tank the temperature must always be at 60 c.

    Tempering valves work by allowing the 60 c water inside the unit to be mixed with cold water and then safely flow out of the faucet with a temperature of 45 c to 50 c. For some institutions such as young, aged, sick, and disabled facilities e.g., nursing homes, the maximum delivery temperature should not exceed 45 c.

    How long it takes for hot water to burn

      time time Time to Produce Burn
    • 68°C1 Second
    • 60°C 5 Seconds
    • 52°C1 Minute
    • 48°C5 Minutes
    • 38°CSafe bathing temperature
    hot water burn

    Types Of Heating We've Worked On In The Eastern Suburbs


    Storage Hot Water Heaters

    These heaters can come in both electric and gas, with electric options you can also choose to go with off-peak power to save money on larger models.


    Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters

    Approximately 30 to 45 per cent lower running costs than their electric counterparts.


    Solar Hot Water Heaters

    A solar water heater works just like a battery, storing energy from the sun in the form of hot water, ready for use at a later time


    Heat Pump Hot Water

    A heat pump uses renewable energy to heat and absorb the heat from the surrounding air and use it to heat your water.


    Electric Hot Water Heaters

    Sizes ranging from 250-400 litres and come in all brands and models for any application.


    Gas Hot Water Heaters

    It’s estimated that hot water uses 25% of your home’s power, so gas can save a lot of money switching.


    Commercial Hot Water Heaters

    A commercial system normally involves a mix of circulating pumps and conventional high demand hot water systems


    Thermostatic Mixing Valves

    Thermostatic mixing valves can be installed by any plumber but must be serviced and inspected once a year.


    Hot Water Heater Tempering Valves

    Tempering valves blend incoming hot and cold water together are set at 65°C to prevent scalding temperatures.


    Instant Hot Water Dispenser

    A Hot water dispenser produces instant hot or cold water, it's usually an addition to a normal household tap.

    If Your Hot Water A concern? CALL US NOW. Our Woronora Hot Water Plumbers Can Find The Solution That Best Serves Your Needs.

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    Recent Community Projects

    I cannot thank the team at Proximity Plumbing and Sydney Relining Company for a quick, affordable pipe repair solution for a previous blocked & broken drain issue. No fuss, no mess, avoided reinstatement costs and completed the same day. It was hassle-free, with interest-free finance available. As promised, this was a" no-dig" solution with a 35-year guarantee.

    Anna S
    Sydney Strata Manager

    I have been using Proximity Plumbing as my preferred local plumber for years now, the team are always friendly, they show up on time within 30 minutes and always doing such a great plumbing job, whenever any of my friends are looking for plumbing near me I always refer my trusty local plumbers- Proximity Plumbing, thanks again guys for doing such a great job at annually clearing out my blocked drains.

    Bondi Resident

    Proximity Plumbing are our trusted plumbers whenever we encounter any plumbing issues in all the residential and commercial properties that we handle. Its best to have an on-call plumber who can go onsite within 30 minutes. They were able to clean the roof and gutters immediately and also provided permanent solution on the plumbing problem. Thanks to Proximity Plumbing for a smooth and hassle-free agreement.

    Surry Hills Resident

    Our drains were blocked due to tree roots and were apparently damaged by it. Proximity Plumbing has given us one of the best solution that is lifetime guaranteed - Pipe Relining. We were happy how they were able to work hand-in-hand with each other which resulted to a good outcome. All drains were cleared and our pipe was fixed. We will truly get in touch with Proximity Plumbing again in case that we will be having any plumbing issues again.

    Bellevue Hill Resident

    Our gutters and stormwater pits needed urgent cleaning. We immediately contacted Proximity Plumbing to clean our gutters and stormwater pits. They were very professional and they were able to clean it right away. They definitely deserve a 5-star review since they did a great job. We will get in touch with them again once we encounter any plumbing issue.

    Darling Point Resident

    Two tradesmen from Proximity Plumbing attended on site after our report of blocked drain. They have confirmed that the kitchen drain was blocked with grease. We are greatly impressed on how they resolved the problem. The job was handled professionally by our partner plumbers. Proximity Plumbing did a great job overall.

    Double Bay

    We had a burst hot water unit in Maroubra in the middle of the night. Good thing, Proximity Plumbing offers emergency plumbing service in Eastern Suburbs. We immediately contacted them and they were able to report on site in less than 10 minutes. They have diagnosed the issue right away and replaced the broken hot water unit with a new one in the morning. Proximity Plumbing are very efficient and professional plumbers. Definitely a job well don!

    Our Recent Work On Hot Water System

    Hot Water
    Hot Water Reapir

    Hot Water Reapir

    "I have been reading articles regarding the importance of gutter cleaning. I called up Proximity Plumbing to book for a gutter cleaning service. They showed us the debris and leaves on our gutters that may potentially cause blockage on our gutters. They came on time, very friendly and knowledgeable."
    Kate - Dover Heights
    10:43am 26/10/2021
    Hot Water
    Hot Water Replacement

    Hot Water Replacement

    “William and Bo replaced a leaking toilet for us. They were efficient, friendly and worked on the job until it was fixed. They went above and beyond the call of duty. Can't recommend them highly enough. Proximity Plumbing are very reliable and has fair pricing."
    Tommy - Neutral Bay
    10:40am 26/10/2021
    Hot Water
    Hot water heater repair

    Hot water heater repair

    “At around 5pm, we heard water drops coming from our bathroom pipes Knowing it was an after-hour job already, Proximity Plumbing did not hesitate to come to our property and fix the leakage. Nick and Thomas of Proximity Plumbing did an amazing job! We will recommend them to our family…
    Chris - Double Bay
    5:14am 26/10/2021
    Hot Water
    Hot Water Installtion

    Hot Water Installtion

    "It was Saturday evening and we had an emergency issue with our water pipes. William, the director, was knowledgeable and found the issue quickly. It was done in a timely manner and was a great price after all. I would highly recommend them to anyone for commercial or residential plumbing…
    Rica - North Bondi
    7:28am 26/10/2021

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