What Are My Ducted Gas Heating Options?

    At Proximity, we are experts in helping Sydney Eastern Suburbs locals choose a gas heating solution that will meet the unique needs of their suburb, home design and build type. As your gas plumbing partner, we can help you understand the benefits of many different types of gas heating including:

    • Hydronic Heating is seen in many homes throughout Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs especially in some of the fantastic heritage homes scattered throughout the beachside suburbs.
    • Hydronic Heating works by pushing water, heating by gas, throughout a network of pipes and radiators in different rooms of your home. The benefit of Hydronic Heating is that you have direct control of the level of heating in each room of your home, as each room has its own individual radiator.
    • Gas Underfloor Heating is powered by natural gas. This option is available to new home builds as a network of pipes containing water are installed directly into the concrete slab of your home. The water in these pipes is heated by a gas heating unit that is usually installed outside the home.
    • This heated pipe network delivers consistent heat throughout your home and is best suited to single story homes. Due to the extensive slab work required, this option is usually reserved for new home builds or major renovations. Contact one of our experts to discuss whether this is the right option for you.
    • Gas Space Heating are a great option for smaller homes, or when you are only looking to heat certain areas or rooms within your home. There are a wide range of gas space heating brands for you to choose from including, Rinnai, Omega and more.
    • Whether you are price conscious or looking for a gas space heater that will last the test of time, talk to one of our gas heating experts about your options.
    • Gas Log Fires – is when it comes to style, no other gas heating option compares to the beauty and luxury a gas log fire provides. Chosen by many Eastern suburb’s locals for their heating efficiency, cost effectiveness, high level of flexibility and stylish appearance, gas log fires have increased in popularity immensely over the past 10 years.
    • Gas log fires are an amazing feature in your homes communal living spaces such as lounge rooms and dining rooms.

    We Offer Gas Heating Plumbing Services

    • We Offer Gas Heating Plumbing Services

      Gas Heating Safety Inspection

      As with any appliance that uses gas as its fuel source, it is imperative that you have a routine inspection plan to ensure your gas heating appliance is running at optimal efficiency, and that your family can continue to use the appliance safely.

      Proximity Plumbing clients benefit from our annual plumbing and gas appliance inspections to ensure that your homes plumbing is always in top shape.

    • We Offer Gas Heating Plumbing Services

      Gas Heating Repairs

      Gas Heating Repairs If you are having a problem with your gas heater, reach out to Proximity to organise an obligation free inspection and quote.

      Our team of Gas Plumbers are experts in all types of gas heating and are especially educated around the most common gas heating solutions found in homes in the Eastern Suburbs or Sydney including Ducted Gas Heating, Hydronic Heating, Gas Space Heaters and Gas Log Fires

    • We Offer Gas Heating Plumbing Services

      Upgrading Gas Heating

      Upgrading Gas Heating In recent years, technology in Gas Heating has come a long way. If your home is currently relying on older style gas heating solutions, you may be loosing hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year through inefficient gas heating technology.

      We can help you understand your current gas usage when it comes to heating, and advise if a newer more modern gas heater will be more cost effective in the long run.

    • We Offer Gas Heating Plumbing Services

      Gas Heating Upgrade

      Gas Heating Upgrade At Proximity Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing industry leading plumbing advice, service and support to our Eastern Suburbs clients. From Points Point, through to Clovelly, Bondi and beyond, our vans are on the road right now fully stocked with the equipment, tools, experience and knowledge to ensure that we give you the best gas heating advice.

    • We Offer Gas Heating Plumbing Services

      Helpful Advise

      Helpful Advise Gas Heating works by tapping into your homes gas main line and using this as the primary fuel to generate heat. This heat is either generated in a single location such as built in gas log fires, gas space heaters or distributed evenly throughout your home via a network of ducts in the floor, walls or ceiling.

      A ducted gas heating system works by passing air over a heat exchanger. This cool air is then warmed through gas powered combustion system & then distributed throughout your walls, floor or ceiling.

    • We Offer Gas Heating Plumbing Services

      Expert Experience

      Expert Experience We are experts in a wide range of gas heating problems and have an intimate knowledge of how to fix any gas heating issue.

      Our gas heating experts will help you choose the location and quantity of vents that pass the warm air into your home and ensure that we have chosen the right capacity gas heater to efficiently heat the room or space. !

    Why Choose Us For Your Gas Heating Plumbing Services

    At Proximity, we treat our customers like family. If you have an issue at any point in time with the workmanship carried out but one of our Master Plumber’s we will return to site, free of charge to resolve the issue. The plumbing supplies and products we use also come with generous manufacturers warranties, and if there is any issue in the future, we can help you out in one simple phone call.

    • Initial Existing Heating and Home Inspection
    • Discussing How You and Your Family Plan To Use Your Heating
    • Advising of Both the Initial and Ongoing Costs of Gas Heating
    • Providing Your With Quotes For Your Gas Heating Options
    • Designing Your Gas Heating Solution
    • Ordering All Required Materials
    • Installing Your New Gas Points and Gas Heating Solution
    • Helping You Understand How To Use Your New Heater
    • Follow Up To Ensure You Are Happy With the solution
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